Thursday, October 05, 2017

KCK Sex Abuse Investigation Cont'd

More investigation of a shocking case that confronts authorities. Take a look:

KCKPD chief supports investigation in old allegations of police corruption, sex abuse

KCTV5 News' investigative department has been reviewing affidavits filled in an old murder case that heads back to court. It paints a troubling picture of the lead detective. Roger Golubski worked for the department for 35 years and became a captain. Affidavits show some people in the community viewed him as a dirty cop who used abused his power.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like old Roger got a lot of blowjobs from black women. So, exactly why is this a problem after all these years? The guy has been retired for 7 years

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was a problem way back when it happened just so happens now other people are starting to talk. In turn people are starting to listen to her.
I'm just shocked that something like this happens in Wyandotte County

Jimmy johns said...

Bro im a deputy for wyandotte i was arrested by kckpd a false arrest i couldnt get a police report and they covered up what happened. Also they tried not to let me file an internal affairs report. So believe me the cops do what they want over there most corrupt place ever.

Jimmy johns said...

U cant file complaints over there i promise you that.