Friday, October 13, 2017

Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins Likes Prez Trump Tax Plan Better Than Guv Brownback Blunder

Reassurance and even an a surprising admission of a mistake from this GOP lady. Take a look:

Tax reform in Washington and Kansas are not the same - we learned from Kansas' mistakes and made it better

Fixing our broken tax code is a foundational step to building a healthy economy, creating more jobs and ensuring more take home pay for hardworking Americans. To that end, Congressional Republicans are working to reform our tax code - which today includes more than 70,000 pages of laws and regulations - to make it fairer and simpler.


Anonymous said...

Lynn Jenkins is gaslighting you. There is no difference between Brownback's tax giveaway and Trump's tax giveaway. Tillerson spoke the truth: Trump is a "xxxxing moron."

Anonymous said...

The Brownback-Trump tax plan is an excuse to give more money to the rich.
Didn't work in Kansas, won't work for the US.

Anonymous said...

I think Lynn Jenkins would have been a good fuck back in the day

Anonymous said...

I love the people who make comments when they don't even know what the tax plan is, kinda like the moron Pelosi who said: you have to pass it to see what's in it on the health care issue, and kinda like Obama when he killed small business, and the morons fell for it.

Right Trump's a real moron when he gave money out of his own pocket to some of the people who were put out of work by Obama the Great.....NOT

Anonymous said...

^^^ right on...Pelosi like puss out a dead bitchs ass.

Anonymous said...

The Europeans have us beat all to hell when it comes to taxes. What they have is a Value Added Tax (VAT). Which is collected much like a sales tax. The theory being that if you have money to spend then you are able to pay your share of tax. If you save your money you aren't paying tax on it before you use it. The VAT is flat rate. No bullshit deductions for bearing more bastard kids everyone has to raise. No personal deductions. No bullshit. You spend your money, you pay your tax. No IRS with 80,000 bureaucrats and NO 12 Billion dollar budget.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a liar.

He will betray you all.

Anonymous said...

She did get fucked quite a bit back then.

Anonymous said...

2:10 you lie and a dumb mutha fugga. Git off dis post spoutin yo bullshit.

Trump is working hard to undo what the Neo Panther Muslim Progressive Stupid mutha fucka did to us for 8 years. Yeah him and the First Wildebeest.

Stomp STomp....Yea Trump

Anonymous said...

MAAAGAAA said the Trump sheep.

He only gets louder the harder he takes it in the ass.

Keep cheering those Trump selected swampy Goldman Sachs cabinet members in charge of the tax plan. I'm sure they are looking out for the forgotten man.


Anonymous said...

Well, the only nearby State for which numbers have been calculated and released is Arkansas, since KS and MO are not out yet.

Under the Trump plan as announced, the top 1%, those making $350,000 and up per year would realize a decrease in Federal Taxes of an average of $73,000+.

The next 22%, making $100,000-$350,000 per year, would see an average decrease of $1,500.

Those making less than $100,000 per year would see a decrease of less than $100, if anything.

It's easy to check these numbers for yourself, I invite you to do so.

"I never give them Hell, I just tell the Truth, and they THINK it's Hell!"
Harry S Truman