Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kansas Empty Suit Progressive Builds Impressive Campaign War Chest

He's the media darling of Kansas City Democratic Party denizens who don't know why the Sunflower State has voted reliably Republican for the past 50 years . . . Here's a bit of hype for his latest effort from the local NPR outlet:

Davis' Strong Fundraising Start Has Republicans Scrambling In Kansas Congressional Race

Democrat Paul Davis is off to a strong fundraising start in his bid to capture the 2nd District congressional seat being vacated by Republican Lynn Jenkins, who is not seeking a sixth term. Davis recently announced that he had raised $400,000 despite getting a late start. He launched his campaign Aug.


Anonymous said...

Great. Put your money behind the guy who lost last time.
There are not too many Democrats in Kansas, but is this the ONLY person that they can put up?

Anonymous said...

How much of that money was from out of state sources? The Democrats' billionaire overlords hope to buy all the elections for them.

Anonymous said...

^^^Damn, looks like you made it through the night as well. Oh well there's always tonight! Keep praying, God will take you soon.

Anonymous said...

8:15 is correct

Heartland Democrat said...

Davis won't win. Have you ever heard him speak? He is like listening to grass grow!