Kansas Cuts Healthcare To Po'Folk

Red State cruelty to their own people thanks to a twisted partisan worldview propagated by the MSM and funded by corporations. Read more:

Kansas Won't Expand Medicaid, Denying A Lifeline To Rural Hospitals And Patients

On a Friday afternoon in late March, some of the most powerful people in Wellington, Kansas, crowded into the office of physician Faustino Naldoza. The civic leaders, were trying to prevail upon state Sen. Larry Alley to side with them in a vote the following week.


  1. Propaganda. I scanned the stories and got tired of reading. One stood out. Woman's son severed finger at home. Airlifted to hospital, attempted to reattach, no dice. Woman somehow blames lack of obamacare, which by the tricky writing actually sounds like it wasn't even available when the incident happened. She had no insurance and was billed $40k (which sounds high but reasonable). So she gets a hardship waiver for $26k, that was generous. She now owed $14k, she put it on a credit card and claimed bankruptcy. So in the end, she paid nothing on that operation. On obummercare she'd be lucky to get off so easy. The cheapest of plans have deductibles close to $20k, so she would owe $20k MINIMUM on the operation. But, after the deductible was met, obummercare only pays out 50/50 (down from 60/40 a couple years ago). So she would really have to pay $20k PLUS the 50% of the remaining $20k = $30k on a $40k bill. How is that anywhere close to reasonable or affordable. The problem is, progrssives lap up the koolaid and no one else pays enough attention to actually think it through. F'ing ridiculous.

  2. Hospital billing of non insured parties is a criminal rackett. They always bill at about ten times the rate an insurance company would pay them.

    There is also a collusion between insurance companies and the hospital. For example it is quite common for a hospital to bill the patient at five to six thousand dollars per day. Now the insurance company tells teh patient it covers 80 percent. What really happens is the insurance company will pay the hospital about $400.00 and the hospital will bill the patient $1200 claiming that is teh patients 20 percent to pay. For you who doubt let me assure you this kind of billing scam happens in EVERY medical facility in America. In any other business it would be called racketeering. In the medical business you are on your own. If you think those bastards aren't crooks you are dumb as a fucking rock.

    If you don't own a home you are probably better off with bankruptcy. If you do own a home (in Missouri) you are probably better off suing the bastards or letting them sue you and making them prove they aren't committing billing fraud. They can't do that so the super discount po folk offers come out of the woodwork. The whole damn thing is just a scam designed to maximize what they squeeze you for.

  3. Byron Funkhouser10/3/17, 11:43 AM

    Other countries don't have health insurance, they have health care.

  4. Why should someone who pays the full price for health insurance pay for people who won’t? I’m sick of subsidizing other people’s bad choices.

  5. The Pitiful Poor's war on America continues. They wont be happy until we're all losers like Byron.

  6. They have to cut the cost somewhere, who do you think is paying for all the free health care of all Byron's taco eating cockroach friends. The poor white rural taxpayer of course.


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