Thursday, October 26, 2017

Kansas City's Latest Greatest Punk Rock Bar Shutting Down Amid Beef With Brent Lambi

Facebook reporting on local bar conflict with a reportedly erratic and infamous Midtown Kansas City real estate kingpin. Checkit:

Blind Tiger is closing, apparently due to a crazy dispute with its landlord

Blind Tiger (3945 Main) is set to close its doors October 31, the bar recently announced on its Facebook page. It's unwelcome news for billiards enthusiasts - Blind Tiger was home to four pool tables - not to mention the punk-centric scene that sprouted up around the midtown bar since its August 2015 opening.


Anonymous said...

Ever had any dealings with Brent? People should be wise by now what he is. Check on how many legal problems or cases from city hall refer to him..

Don Cardinal said...

Scandalous queer with HIV

Anonymous said...

Buh Bye

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same PUNK Rock bar about a year ago, was going to try to open up, but she didn't have any money,, anybody remember that story ???

Believe my comment as well as others, even stated she wouldn't last long in business with her mentality and attitude,,,, duhhhh !