Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings!!!

Tonight hottie Lana inspires this quick contemplation of all the Kansas City power players who worked successfully to wield their influence this week. Checkit:

Developers Run City Hall Agenda

An AWESOME TKC READER with an eye for detail asks:

"Do you think we should be concerned that the Better KCI group has apparently moved the airport to a location just east of Crown Center and Union Station?"

A great observation, the the tragic reality is that Kansas City developers can do anything they want and they're often backed up by City Hall taxpayer cash to help realize their hopes and dreams.

Kansas City Superman Tribute

A Westport mural dedicated in his honor this weeks makes Michael Wheeler the most notable jogger in modern Kansas City history.

KCPD Chief Smith Asks For More Cash

The Chief published a request for City Hall support his week amid an increasingly costly but vital effort to reduce Kansas City crime.

And so, we drift toward the upcoming election with a great many special interests vying for power and attempting to set differing courses for Kansas City City's future.

As always . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


  1. The election in November might very well determine the fate of Kansas City. If we ruin the airport and commit to tearing it down, that could irreparably harm KC and take away one of the most important resources we've ever had.

    It's obvious that KC leaders don't know the stakes their gambling with, they could be the people who who destroyed a great American city and that will resonate not only all over the midwest but the nation.

    1. They may not know what the stakes are but it is obvious they don't care what the stakes are

  2. KC = Baltimore

    1. Not even close,atleast there is shit to do in Baltimore

  3. I would love to ram Lana

  4. KCPD the bottomless taxpayer money pit, for no results.
    We are in the top 10 most dangerous cities.
    There are approximately 20,000 in the USA.

  5. Seriously, what does this Superman do? I see him everywhere and he doesn't appear to have a job. I say that because I saw him at a Royals Thursday day game a while back and the time before that I saw him he hit me up for money. So what the fuck does this guy do?

  6. I think he describes himself as a preacher. He is a veteran.

    Nowadays, he does that same thing as the Kardashins. Kind of like a professional spokesperson or endorser.

  7. Just what the hood needs, another "preacher." No wonder he hit me up for money.


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