Kansas City Wants To Borrow More Cash Amid Bursting Economic Bubble Threat

Local corporate and economic leadership intelligentsia now hopes to use fear as one of their main motivators now that smarter financial denizens are prepping for an inevitable economic turn down. Take a look at newspaper propaganda on this topic:

Economic forecast gives blunt warning to KC region

Looking around town, economist Frank Lenk sees plenty of activity. He also knows it's not enough. "The region is falling behind," Lenk warned in his annual economic forecast for the region being presented Thursday at a Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce breakfast event. We're generating too little economic growth in the region.


  1. On the plus side, KCMO is generating massive amounts of public debt, so if you're in the market for tax-exempt municipal bonds or especially if you happen to be a local bond attorney, the economy is going gang busters.
    And, of course, the value of the bonds is based on a city's ability to tax, so, unless you're one of the 1% who gets the endless abatements and other tax goodies, you might want to pay attention.
    But all these debt-financed "projects" are really keewl!

  2. "The region is falling behind"...bullshit, Killa City had nothing to fall behind when it was never up front in the beginning.
    Best light a torch to Killa City. Flush out all the rats, snakes and other feral animals residing here. Become the new land of Oz.
    Scratch that. We are the big and all powerful Oz but don't ask the black guy running the show. He'll point to a white person...blame that evil witch.

  3. ^^Boring, dull, unimaginative and pedestrian. If it's so bad dolt, why are you still here? You broke?

  4. Maybe the economist should have explained to the Chamber of Commerce that when capital is directed by politicians instead of the market economic growth will lag. But Chamber of Commerce types understand sales and politics - not economics.

  5. 10:54 has nailed it. Your unemployment rate has some predictive ability. Your bonding interest rate has some predictive ability. Your housing starts has some predictive ability. Put these together and you have some idea of the publics ability to improve the region. Figure in the TIF and tax subsidizies and you get a little closer.
    You can not gauge health by how many people go to a ball game or what Kevin writes about or an economist that got paid to do a study. Ever seen a solicited paid for consultant study that said. Everything is great you are doing well with private investment?

  6. Retro ROCKER told you so over a year ago.This time next year is when the pain will really start.

  7. The Amazon selection and eval process is forcing a complete look at the future, and an assessment of priorities beyond the hype of the Chamber swells. There are public investments that deliver but are we making the best ones, and who is.

  8. Weez needz to import more hipzterz


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