Kansas City Tuesday #NewKCI Insight

Double tap from Conservatives against the New Airport . . . Or at least skeptical of so many economic development promises . . .

First up . . .

Citizens For Responsible Government Kansas City DEBUT KICK-ASS NEW WEBSITE with help from new campaign donors and design partners.

Clean lines and a nice presentation will power the message of these tax fighters . . .

Also, certainly worth a read:

SaveKCI offers behind the scenes insight into discussions impacting the new airport proposal . . .

"As we prepare to vote on a billion dollar new terminal, it would be reassuring to know that we are already out there doing everything we can to ensure its financial security. There were a lot of high powered EDC and development people seated among the 1700 at KCADC’s event last week. Please let us know what you did to bring Prime Air to KCI"

You decide . . .


  1. So prime air is a cargo service? Why do they require a new terminal, don’t they just need a building or warehouse to unload at the airport like ups, fedex and postal service have??? Are they trying to make us build them one?

  2. Prime air is what Amazon is moving their shipping to. They'll need a sorting building like FedEx. I think his point is that KCI would charge millions for the building and rent and that income would help pay for a new terminal. And a few thousand long term jobs help.

  3. The only lies I've read regarding the airport come from the vote no side. Full of lies and inaccurate information. I happen to be an expert in the aviation industry and it's compelling how much "fake news" there is surrounding the issue. It makes me wonder about the other topics I'm not as familiar with and the so-called facts we are presented with. A slick new website from the same weak and small minded denizens of our community won't change the fact we (kc) are actively losing flights and service due to inadequate facilities and an outdated design of our airport. I guess there will always be opposition to change and progress. People opposed the Sprint Center and the development of P&L, look at the boondoggle that became *eyeroll*.

  4. So has CRG ever supported something? Seems like they’re the “No to everything!” group. Against the Earnings Tax, Against the $800 Million in bonds. Now against a new air terminal. What are they for?

  5. They support you not having to pay taxes for crap we don’t need

  6. 12:52 sLIE, is that you again, jeez leave us alone already

  7. 12:52 Really? P&L??? Take the annual $15 million bail-out and it's an empty repo.

  8. Interesting insight by saveKCI guy. Who DOES hold the EDC people accountable for their 6-digit salaries? Also, I found the stack of ads at the bottom of his site announcing new non-stops enlightening. I thought we were losing flights.

  9. @12:52, I can't figure you out. Is that a troll comment or a legitimate pro-'port post? I would go for the second, except for the one line about Sprint Center and P&L... The comment reads like they are putting those two items forward as examples of progress; P&L which loses 15 mil/year and Sprint which never got its pro-team(s) to come pay the rent. They are both arguably boondoggles that haven't made an ounce of profit; though I admit to having enjoyed them back in the day.


    When the co-pilots spotted my oversized package they requested I squeeze in behind them!!!


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