Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Kansas City Tuesday Midday Links

Quick look at Kansas City stories worth a lock along with Leanna peace sign panties inspiration. Take a peek:

Kansas City Tech Scene Talk

Under-the-radar innovators exchange challenges, answer 'Why KC?'

It all comes back to time and money, Jennifer Rosenblatt said. "With a startup, things always take longer, and they always cost a lot more," said Rosenblatt, co-founder of MusicSpoke . "Where we are now is not where I wanted to be."

Wildcast Discretion

Kansas State band halts song after vulgar chant breaks out

Kansas State marching band members were forced to stop playing the "Wabash Cannonball" before the Wildcats took on Baylor because the pregame tradition had become the background music to an obscene chant. The Kansas State Collegian reports that some student fans started chanting an expletive Saturday and the initials of another rival, the University of Kansas.

Local Newsie Disaster Real Life

Former KMBZ reporter among millions awaiting word on Puerto Rican relatives

A former KMBZ reporter says he has family members who continue to suffer following the devastation from two hurricanes on Puerto Rico. Aguadilla is a town of about 60,000 residents on the northwest coast of the U.S. territory. It's where Kyle Geary's mother grew up. His great-grandfather is 100 and has dementia.

And The Rains Came . . .

Coming storms could soak Kansas City with month's worth of rain in just a few days

Several rounds of showers and thunderstorms will likely return to the Kansas City area beginning Tuesday, bringing the chance of flooding by the end of the week. While the storms are not expected to be severe, they could cause flash flooding in some areas as well as flooding along some area rivers, creeks and streams, according to the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill.

Local College Comedy Guide

John Cleese on the enduring popularity of Python ahead of his Wednesday JCCC appearance

Onscreen, John Cleese frequently seems to be very upset about something. Whether attempting to return a parrot on Monty Python's Flying Circus, running a lodge on Fawlty Towers, or being seduced by Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish Called Wanda, Cleese's characters seem dangerously close to the edge.

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Anonymous said...

K-State people feel so inferior to KU people. They embarrass themselves usually every basketball season and football season. It is getting worse now that the majority of people living in Manhattan are homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I view K-State like I do Central Missouri State, a second rate school. Of course, I view KU in much the same way. Not many hard sciences, or practical fields of studies. You can only learn so much about humanities before you realize you're 100k in debt and no applicable skillz with which to make money money money moooonaaaay.

Anonymous said...

WTF?! K State is highly renowned in big money making industries of sales, manufacturing, sciences and research for Food & Fuels Ag, Animals, Engineering, Bio-medicines and DOE special classifications. The Little Apple's colleges (now labeled a university), made some hicks (and big city slicks) real rich!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter where you go to school or what kind of degree you get. What matters is WHO YOU KNOW. Anyone will tell you that. I've worked with so many "connected" people who couldn't find the restroom with a map, but they know someone who protects them. So all you college kids better get networking, or face the unemployment line.