We continue our Halloween celebration with classic angel Candice and her cosplay along with another collection of local top stories worth a look:

Po-Po Now Targeting Student School Threat Pranksters And Asking For TIPS

Police, schools dealing with recent social media threats

Officials are using tools like the TIPS Hotline to report those threats.

Newsflash: JaxCo Political Drama Cont'd

Legislature gives itself new spending powers as conflict with Frank White grows

Despite concerns that the move might conflict with state law, the Jackson County Legislature passed an ordinance Monday that would give the body the power to make an end-run around County Executive Frank White when spending tax dollars.

No Kansas City Turkish Delight In Ongoing Political Crackdown Disaster

Purge In Turkey Worries KC Emigres

The brutal, imperious reaction of Turkey's dictatorial government to a failed coup attempt last year has turned life into a nightmare for most, if not all, Kansas City-area residents of Turkish nationality.

Kansas City Street Race Fatality Suspected

KCMO police say double deadly crash may have started with two vehicles racing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are investigating whether street racing is involved in a crash that killed two people Monday. Officers responded to Independence Avenue and Bennington shortly before noon. Five-hours later, investigators were still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Classics Offer Kansas City Instruction

What KC's startup community can learn from Leonardo da Vinci

Modern-day scientists know it's because of the way the sun interacts with air molecules when sunlight enters the Earth's atmosphere. In Leonardo da Vinci's time, however, the answer wasn't so clear. He questioned assumptions of the day, even those that seemed simple. "It's that type of always asking 'Why?'

Domestic Abuse Drama Helps KC Chiefs

Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott suspended for Kansas City game

NEW YORK, NY (FOOTBALLKC) - Late Monday night, U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla of the Southern District of New York denied a motion for a preliminary injunction in a 2016 domestic violence case involving Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl running back Ezekiel Elliott. The verdict means the NFL can now enforce Elliott's originally mandated six game suspension.

Kansas City Serves Up Slaughter

EJ's Urban Eatery adds up to more than just a meat-and-three

Zach Bauman Some people love whale song. I prefer the white noise of a busy dining room. Not because it soothes but because it informs. You can glean a lot about how a restaurant is doing if you listen to the buzz of conversation.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. On this bleak Halloween, the KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALTION is active!

    They are having a "Trunk or Treat" at the Spofford Home.

    I wonder if those poor kids don't have enough problems.

    And some also wonder why PROFESSED ATTHEISTS push supernational stuff like Satan Clubs and Halloween, but get their panties in a bind over Christmas.

    I have yet to get an answer from them, except along the lines of "shut the fuck up.".

  2. ^^^ I second their retort.

    Nobody gives a shit about your crusade. Stop spamming.

  3. I love EJ's Urban Eatery. Especially the bread pudding.
    Just 7 weeks open so far, mark my words--this place will become a Must to Visit.

  4. I prolly shouldn't've clicked the pic right before lunch. Damn, warmed up leftovers or hotdogs for me. Brisket got my mouf water'n tho.

  5. 10:06 is a bitch for the Kansas City Atheist Coaltion.

    He should learn to double bag it.

  6. 10:03, keep it up.

    I love to see KCAC get all pissed off as 10:06 obviously is.

    I love it when people SCREAM their frustration is Bold Face, knowing they can't do shit about it.

  7. How's the IHOP cult doing these days?

  8. Come on, guys. Post on the topic. Have you been to EJ's Urban Eatery?
    It's across the street from Hobbs Bldg in West Bottoms, about 3 blocks north of The Edge of Hell and 4 blocks north of The Beast, the two best haunted houses in the known universe.

  9. Screw that haunted house shit. There's enough spooks in Killa City already just waiting to make you a ghost.

  10. 1:52, check with the KCAC President. He is up to date on them and loves to picket them.

    I mean, you sure a HELL wouldn't want him to picket a MOSQUE, would ya? LOL!

  11. Wannabe authoritarian Tracy: this is an OPEN THREAD, so we can write about whatever we please. Go back to Russia, you commie twit.


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