Friday, October 27, 2017

Kansas City Truck Driver Shot On I-435

More local highway gunfire reported for the midday as shootings on Kansas City streets continue to trend. Checkit:

Truck driver suffers minor injuries in reported road-rage shooting

A truck driver suffered minor injuries Friday morning in a reported road-rage shooting. Kansas City police were called at 8:30 a.m. to I-435 and State Line Road, where the truck driver pulled off. The shooting happened on southbound I-435 near Blue Parkway.


my butt hurts said...

I like gun's. There such usefull tool's. There good for some fronteer Justice.

Gray Back said...

I'm going to Killa City, Killa City here I come
Where the crazy little killa's
Shoot the truckers for fun

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Killa City - Top 10 in Crime.

Anonymous said...

Those pesky coon hunters are at it again!

Polar Bear said...

435 & Blue is was the evil hood rat.

Anonymous said...

When is Kansas City going to get a police department?

Anonymous said...

again were probably NOT getting the FULL story here from the news media either nor the actual Facts!!!

Geeee, I wonder what this supposed TRUCK DRIVER could of done to make another driver pissed off, that he resorted to this kind of tactic ?????

constantly tailgating the other vehicle way to close ????

Trucker almost cut him off, while all the AIR was out of seat,, sitting to LOW trying to look cool,,,?????

switched lanes cutting the other driver off within inches ???

maybe some game of chicken between the 2 ????

After 30 years of doing that, and all the travels to every major city in the US,, I never ever had this happen not even once, not even here in this town !!!

Todays Truck Drivers are NOT really Truck Drivers, like in yesteryears past !!!

Today's truck drivers are nothing more than Glorified Steering Wheel Hang er' on'ers,, and SHIT most can't even SHIFT the gears on trucks,, so many companies are having to purchase "Automatic transmissions" for their trucks, because,,,, the Dufus's they hire nowdays can NOT and do NOT know how to shift a 13 speed transmission, nor a 9 speed roadranger, and lord forbid should ya give em' a 6X4 transmission with Deep Reduction and Over-Drive ~ !!!!!

theres more to this story, that the Libtard Media isn't telling !!!