Thursday, October 19, 2017

Kansas City Tiki Taco Spy Cam Clips

Slice of life from the best new restaurant on 39th Street and KCMO's top street food place of 2017. Take a look:

Restaurant camera catches bad guys and dance moves

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Christina McIntosh and her husband Tyler opened Tiki Taco about five months ago. McIntosh said it was a no-brainer. "Tacos are the universal handshake in this world," she said. When customers arrive for this salutation, they'll notice big brother is watching. The business has several security cameras, which is pretty common.


Anonymous said...

So, now we know that every drunken freak on the street has been given free reign to display their overdeveloped ego and lack of talent to everyone waiting for this places' food, but how is the food?

Has anyone tried it? Is it worth eating? Please comment.

From the brief shot in this magnificent TV coverage, it looks like they throw a bunch of stuff onto a tortilla and call it a "taco"!

That's very much like the Bars in the area, where every bartender has to be "creative"...
"We make a Special House Martini, except we use Milk in place of the Gin and Chocolate Syrup in place of the Vermouth!"

Anonymous said...

^^^Ugh. Go away. Your post was dull, unimaginative and lacked cohesion and a basic point. Not all posts require a comment. You didn't have anything to say, yet you said it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, stuff it up yours sideways!
Who the F**k appointed your presumptive, smug, sanctimonious ass the Arbiter of Excellence?

If you don't like these posts, don't read them.

To quote an unmitigated Asshat,"You didn't have anything to say, yet you said it anyway".