Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Kansas City Tech Stops Mass Shootings???

Promoters of the "smart city" have jumped on the bandwagon and offer hope that tech investment will one day save lives instead of just funding a bunch of promotional gigs and millennial cocktail parties. Read more:

Smart city leader: Can technology predict deadly shooters?

"If you don't have safety, you don't have anything," said Sih, managing partner at Think Big Partners, one of the key collaborators in Kansas City's $15.7 million public-private Smart City initiative . Having grown up in St. Louis, Sih said he has been disturbed by recent violence and unrest on the other side of Missouri.


Anonymous said...

$15.7 million in taxpayer funds and this clown identifies future Mass Shooters as "People With Guns"! Typical for KC.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Takes that kind of money for the libtards to figure out that any SHOOTER is deadly? Jesus, this crap is off the charts.