Kansas City Sweet Dream Song

Quick update for shift workers, night owls or early risers and admirers of Mel D . . . Regular denizens of our KICK-ASS TKC Blog Community know that we try to take it just a bit slow to start Monday morning and so this next clip fits in perfectly with our early casual start of the work-week style . . .

Here's the latest clip from a NEW KANSAS CITY VIDEO SERIES featuring some of the rising star musicians doing their best to play to this town's NextGen . . .

Check this apropos clip for overnight from So Far Kansas City featuring Chase The Horseman singing "Sleep Slow Sweet Dream" the the growing number of his hipster fans . . .

More in a bit . . .


  1. Not my thing, but I'm glad there is still a bit of a music scene.

  2. ^^^ Agree.

    Nothing wrong with more local bands out there, some of them are pretty good and the entertainment is a lot cheaper than a movie or big name concert. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

  3. Guy's pretty daggum good.
    My Pitchfork review would be 8.1/10


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