Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kansas City Superman Westport Mural

Tribute to a Midtown denizen that has become a mascot for hipsters and progressives who like his outfit and don't really give much regard to what he says . . . Take a look:

'Kansas City's Superman' honored with mural in Westport

He's a familiar sight at events around Kansas City. Now, 'Kansas City's Superman" will appear larger than life on a building in Westport. Michael Wheeler is someone many Kansas Citians have seen over the years. The man with the gray beard and Superman costume can be seen and is often on the move.


Anonymous said...

Always a gimmick.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Thank you for you, Michael Wheeler.

Anonymous said...

What is it this guy does? He once hit me up for money. Last time I saw him was during a Royals day game during the week. Does this guy have a job.