Kansas City Submits Secret Bid For Amazon HQ2: What Are The Chances We'll Win???

Before you answer . . . Here's a really smart quote on the topic from a TKC Reader:

KCMO leadership has submitted their HQ2 bid under false pretenses . . . Understand that Mayor James, City Manager Schulte, and some Councilmembers are operating with a desire to transform KCMO into something that it's not, residents don't want, and propels the mantra of "growth at any cost."

Reality: Does anyone actually believe that Amazon executives haven't already narrowed their choice to perhaps 3 cities (non-KCMO) or are simply playing Seattle leadership for more incentives before expanding their existing headquarters there?

Check some important news on the topic:

Local Hype Report

As KC delivers bid to Seattle, local leaders react to KC region's bid to be home to Amazon's next headquarters

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The KC region delivered its proposal for Amazon HQ2 to the company's Seattle, Wash., headquarters Thursday afternoon, but where the city plans to put the proposed headquarters has yet to be released. In a news released from Think KC, the spokesperson said due to a required non-disclosure agreement, no additional details of the proposal can be made public.

Mayor Sly FAILS To Share Deets

Few Details As Kansas City Submits Regional Plan For Amazon HQ2

Along with dozens of other cities across North America, Kansas City officially delivered its proposal for Amazon HQ2 to the company's headquarters in Seattle, Washington, on Thursday. Last month, Amazon announced plans to plow more $5 billion into building another headquarters that will be an equal to the current one in Seattle.

Consequences For Kansas City

Amazon could detonate a gentrification 'prosperity bomb' in the city it chooses for its new headquarters

At least 50 cities are expected to submit proposals to host a new $5 billion Amazon campus, dubbed HQ2, by today's deadline. Amazon claims its second headquarters would create 50,000 jobs in the to-be-determined city. But some residents worry that the new headquarters would increase traffic, spur gentrification, and lead to prolonged construction.

You decide . . .


  1. Is Bezos is going to turn down $7 billion in subsidies from Jersey?

  2. Weez cumin' ta KC and replacin all you bums wit smart people!

  3. Amazon comes to KC for warehouse jobs, not HQ office jobs.

  4. Sly probably offered to pay for the entire project and write endless 5 star reviews

  5. Gotta love teh KC Boss Hog politics. We can't tell you that we are going to bend you tax payers over and make you scream in order to kiss Amazons butt and get bragging rights for jobs we can't get people to work at.

  6. What are the chances that anyone at Amazon even knows where Kansas City is located?

  7. It's a mirage, with the Sly crowd trying to look like they are dong something. You piece of shit, pay attention to what Kansas Citians need... Safe neighborhoods, more cops, repaired streets and lower water & sewer bills!!!

  8. Amazon is mixed up in sexual harassment with Hollywood and some kind of labor disputes. Denver wants them way worse, with much bigger tax incentives.......they will use our cheap labor till they outgrow that warehouse and move on.

  9. When KC is finally turned down, it will be hilarious to watch the blame and excuses start flying! LOL!

  10. It will be blamed on the lack of a ten billion dollar airport, a new hotel and classy hookers.


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