Kansas City Stays Losing Construction Jobs: 11% Decline According To Union Dudes Demanding More High Paying Work

Here's a bit of blame game labor advocacy that might or might not help most locals AND certainly presents an alternative view of booming local biz. Take a peek:

KC construction job losses mostly due to decline in infrastructure funding - Kansas City Business Journal

Construction employment on the Missouri side of the Kansas City metro area shrank by 3,100 jobs - 11 percent - from September 2016 to September of this year, according to Ken Simonson, chief economist of the Arlington, Va.-based Associated General Contractors of America.


  1. So, the 800-million in infrastructure funding we just mistakenly passed is not yet having an impact?

  2. That money is going to toy train I’d bet

  3. I feel so bad for all the union crybabies

  4. The union should be bidding on all that rusted electrical conduit at the airport! The union is getting screwed by this city because bow tie the clown won’t repair this broke down city so he can get his legacy project done aka sLIE James International airport

  5. sLIE and Troy are spending that 800 million on everything but infrastructure, toy train and that hotel that needs city money just to get started


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