Kansas City Star Vs. NRA???

Credit where its due . . . Here's a "journalism" losing fight against an organization that has much more local and national support than elite newspaper pundits:

Will the NRA bully KC-area members of Congress into doing nothing on guns?

Congress can't flinch now. During the days after the massacre in Las Vegas, momentum was quickly building for one, simple step aimed at preventing future tragedies and stopping a single gunman from slaughtering 58 innocent people and wounding hundreds more. Focus on bump stocks.


  1. Don’t worry about the cleave because e doesn’t do anything anyway


  2. No one can take my guns away.

    Chiefs lost now that's good news!

  3. Or will it be Big Journalism who does the bullying? Time will tell.

  4. More libtard bullshit. The NRA was close to being the first out of the gate to take a stand against bump stocks. Now what we have to do is get guns out of the hands of felons without the whiny ass flake libtards protesting the harsh sentences they receive. More laws against guns wont help. Enforcing laws against crime might. Developing attitudes about mental health certainly need to come out of the age of neanderthal thinking and we must develop scientific methods for identifying patterns that warn us of potential problems with folks having mental health issues. You can not continue to argue that taking firearms out of the hands of law abiding and perfectly sane people will somehow hinder violent felons or stop violent crime.

    Who do these libtard do-gooders propose should protect honest citizens when all guns are taken from the law abiding? The police don't have a clue how to do that and even if they did they do not have the resources. We already live in a world where people must carry guns, mace, zappers, install home alarms, car alarms,hire security at retail stores, malls, theaters, concerts, sport venues, you name it! The police arrive after you are dead people. they do not save you from anything. The days of them preventing much of any thing are long gone. Local police are fund raisers for the city, work as hired guns around the city and occasionally get lucky and score a felony case. Protection is an indivivual responsibility. Do we really want to take away the tools available to citizens while defending our poor victim thugs?

    Mor poeple who hate guns know little to nothing about them, aboit gun safety, about their potential and/or nomenclature in general. Assault weapons are labeled based on how they looks and not about what their deady potential might be. These people are simply ignorant and every time they crawl up on the soap box they clearly demonstrate their ignorance.

    There are many perfectly legal products that are much more deadly than firearms, but folks don't attack them because of convenience or the FACT that they find it too easy to follow more dumb people who know little about what they are flapping about.

  5. Free gun and gang memberships to the nuggars. Ease the hardships join now an get yo piece.

  6. We only have 114 murders. It's not like the negroes go to gun shops and buy guns legally. The steal them or buy stolen guns.

  7. Of course they don't buy them legally. Hell, it is confirmed fact that 25 percent of adult boons are convicted felons and could never pass a background check to make a legal gun purchase. God forbid the left wing ATF would ever make a case against a black for making straw purchases or illegal gun sales.

  8. Bully? No.

    They bribe. Carpet bomb their candidates with swamp money.

    We get the best government they can buy.

    Now go make those silencers legal.


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