Kansas City Sprint Center Celebrates 10-Years Of LIES About Downtown Pro-Sports

Postscript on today's Kansas City politically charged anniversary . . .


Instead, the arena is now noting more than a concert hall for mostly b-list or over-the-hill band on the end of their tours.

The anniversary of the place should remind voters that it was sold to voters by promises that EVENTUALLY KCMO would land an NHL or NBA team . . . Sadly, KCMO never put in a serious bid for a team and as the arena begins to age, that promise has been all but forgotten. Even worse, the the so-called "success" of the arena hasn't helped to pay the bills of the P&L District across the street which still loses more than $15-MILLION every year.

Locals won't learn any of this from TV or social media . . . Thankfully, our blog community is the only place that continues to hold City Hall accountable for their many misstatements and continued propaganda celebration.

You decide . . .


  1. Hockey would have been nice.

    But the concerts are probably a better money maker overall. The Sprint Center is paying most of its own way. That's not much to ask for but that's all we've got.

  2. What can you expect out of the last mayor and current failure of a mayor. Funkytown probably and rightly so wasn’t giving out any freebies to draw a team here during the crash and bow tie the clown’s best effort at getting a team has been the hometown team of burned and McDouche. Epic failures both of them.

  3. It's still better than that livestock shed at Kemper Arena

  4. 11:22
    You are parroting a line from City Hall, but you forgot one of the other promises that the planners broke. Kemper. Besides pledging to get an anchor tenant (NBA or NHL team) and that taxpayers would be paid back, the original scheme for the Sprint Center claimed to preserve Kemper as a venue. Granted, many of the large touring concerts that play the Sprint Center would not have gone to Kemper (because of technical deficiencies), it is still one more lie they told to get that place built.

    All of the planned developments by City Hall have become money pits. 18th and Vine. Union Station. P&L/Sprint Center. Streetcar.

    10 years ago, Downtown was being revitalized organically from the edges. Crossroads was becoming a thing. River Market was doing well. P&L took the air out of locally owned businesses in both City Market and Westport. P&L always had the bad stink of cookie cutter design, and now that it is 10 years old, it doesn't even have the benefit of being new and fresh anymore.

    Next up? Streetcar extension. Airport. Downtown ballpark. City Hall wont be satisfied until they have raised property taxes, sales taxes, and earning taxes another 10%. Meanwhile our schools suck and the roads are cratered. But at least somebody is picking up the check for another round of golf.

  5. ^^^ Truth.

    To our 25 millions guests every year. Welcome to Lying Kansas City.

  6. It's time to put the Sprint Center (or whatever it will be called next year) on a paying basis!

    Be innovative! Start the very first


    Think of the dribbling down court! The jump shots! The glamour!

    How about it KC?

  7. Ten years... I suppose they'll announce plans to replace it next year.

  8. Tony Botello is right, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Garth Brooks are has-beens and B-listers!!!

  9. Do people even go to PNL anymore?

  10. Both P&L and Sprint Center were sold on a stack of lies. Let's start with Sprint Center.

    "If we build it, they will come". That was the unspoken mantra of the SC when it was being sold to voters. If we build it we'll land an NHL or NBA team. The Penguins used the city and SC to get a new arena in Pittsburgh. They were never really a serious contender to occupy the SC. Boots DelBiggio, or whatever his name was, was probably even more crooked than the vast majority of our local officials and got busted for some scheme and never brought the predators here and was probably never in serious contention to do so. Now, as Tony has said, we have a $276 million dollar glorified concert hall. Now we hear from S'lie that KC either doesn't want and/or need an anchor tenant in the SC. Then why the fuck did we build the damn thing in the first place? Lies on top of more lies...

    Now onto the P&L. Remember when Queen Kay and Cordish said that P&L won't cost tax payers a dime? Remember that? That was based on the HIGHLY INFLATED projections Queen Kay and Cordish had for the P&L. In order to meet those projections, P&L would have to be at critical mass 7 days a week. As it stands right now, with the exception of weekends and special events, most of P&L sits devoid of visitors most of the time. No where near the amount of visitors the projected. And, as a result, the City has to pick up the tab on the bonds that were sold to build it. To the tune of $15M/year. Maybe a little less than that now because the City refinanced on the bonds and committed to paying them off over a longer period of time (kicking the can down the street).

    The city is NOTORIOUS for lying. Yeah, the SC and P&L look great and it's a vast improvement over what sat in those areas prior to. But the city and tax payers are paying a hefty cost. Specific to the sprint center, they lied about getting an anchor tenant to that place. They won't admit it but they knew when they were asking for voter approval that getting an anchor tenant was a longshot at best. Good luck getting my vote the next time the city wants to build a new arena under the guise of "we can get a pro sports team". I'll refer everyone back to 2007 when they said that the last time....and when a new entertainment district wouldn't cost tax payers a dime....it's amazing how some of our "trusted" officials sleep at night.

  11. And nobody is looking at the Single Terminal lies and deception to get your vote before they ram it in up to the pocketbook hilt.

  12. This is a bad deal. We need to replace it.

  13. Only pro sport in Downtown KC is the murder rate. Game on!

  14. This TKC posting is the unvarnished TRUTH.

    Sadly, Mayor James, most Council members, City Manager Schulte, The KC Star staff, and many others refuse to acknowledge the truth.

    KCMO built the Sprint Center on false promises when they still owed money on Kemper Arena. Kemper was eventually given away.

    The ToyTrain is a tourist ride, only possible through a corrupt voting process.

    A single-terminal airport was a desperate attempt at "keeping up with the Joneses" among the corporate cheerleading crowd, when most KCMO residents are fine with our current layout.

    The downtown convention center hotel is yet another "build it and they will come" scheme promoted by those who would profit off it's construction, and their hired hotel consultants who play one city off another.



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