Kansas City Saturday Ritual: Murder Scene Followed By Anti-Violence Rally

Sorry to be cynical . . . While everyone is entitled to grieve and help families stricken by violence . . . One vigil after the next without any real change in the rate of local homicide seems to be destroying this town's hope for actually solving the crisis. Checkit:

After man who rallied against violence is killed, KC antiviolence group holds rally

A group in KC is trying to help John Owens' family and others who have lost loved ones to crime recently as Kansas City police continue to investigate this week's shootings. On Saturday, a group called Hearts Infinity was canvassing the city to hand out fliers and ask people for information.


  1. COOL! Killa City carries the Day!

  2. With all these guns around, we're getting so much safer! I just knew it would happen, eventually. Everybody's got a gun, and we're all firing back, and the bullets are flying, and JEEEzus and TRUMP are saving us all. And golldangit, we'd all be okay if it wasn't for Hillary and Obama, can't you see? And uranium, and Bengazi, and e-mails, and Kenyan birth certificates!

  3. 5 people is a rally? That's new.

  4. Yeah, 9:07 is right - we need to get rid of all these guns! We need strict gun control, just like Chicago - that'll fix it!!!


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