Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Here's news of expansion from one of Kansas City's top power players:

Roe's Axiom Strategies gets even bigger - Kansas City Business Journal

Jeff Roe, a principal and founder of Kansas City-based Axiom Strategies LLC, will have even greater influence after his firm acquired a full-service West Coast political consulting firm, Politico reports. Axiom, which is already "the largest Republican political consulting firm in the country," will merge with Revolvis.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean, even fatter? Good Lord!

Anonymous said...


KC Push Back said...

^^^ Meanies. Post your pix and let's judge your looks!

Anonymous said...

How doors one go about finding a sport coat that fits that poorly?

Super Dave said...

^^^^^ you go to a tent maker

Don Cardinal said...

That's Jeff on the right?

Anonymous said...

Herp name is stupid dave...Duh...Doy...Herp derp...Duh. I make fun of others...herp don't want to see me though!..duh...herp..derp.

Anonymous said...

Roe sucks Steve Bannon's dick and swallows.

JoCoPost said...

ironic that the BizJournal uses the photo from when Jeff Roe cost Ted Cruz the 2016 presidential bid, by LYING TO VOTERS IN IOWA!! He was fired after that.

If TwinkieBoy gets any fatter they will have to have him manage campaigns from inside a room where he's on the bed that cannot exit thru the doorway. He can get a walkie talkie with Steve Bannon.

Roe does have skills. Organizational. And lying. And endless mailers. But working for free, I beat him TWICE, BiStateII and Big Soccer. Where anti-tax advocates were outspent by Roe 112 to 1.

He's a bully. He sent goons into a candidate's home in Clay County to rummage through her stuff. He sent more goons to a Clay County parade to jam a camera in her face trying to get a photo of shock. He has no integrity.

He may have hired some smart guys around the country. And they will do well in their respected states and cities and counties. But intellectually and strategically, he's not that smart--his ideas cost Ted Cruz and they cost the millionnaires who wanted free stadiums in KC five million bucks.

We used to call him Twinkietoes--but now that he has diabetes, those are turning black and falling off into his little swamp.

Anonymous said...

Tracy nails the truth once aqain.
Jeff Roe and his gang of gypsies, liars, tramps and thieves are incapable of running an inspired uplifting campaign.
They have twisted so many facts for so long that the word is out on their lack of performance success. Apparently, their dirty tricks in the Alabama Senate Race have been identified and probably contributed to Senator Strange loss to Moore.
Jeff Roe flagrantly violated Missouri Law in Clay County special election, August 8, 2017, Youth services tax special election. Proponents complied with Missouri Campaign Financing Laws.
No public opposition and no opposition campaign committee appeared in evidence.
Election day hundreds of voters come to polls with false and misleading opposition talking points.
Clay Children's Services tax passes by half a percent.
Normally, special elections for schools, bond issues, etc., receive little opposition and pass easily.
Jackson County, August 2016, election, youth services tax passes with 60% approval.
Post election conclusion that thousands of anonymous computer phone calls were made by Roe and his Axiom Strategy that violated Missouri law by failing to establish a campaign committee and disclose contributions.
The Star has zero interest in exposing this corruption. Where are Jenne' Hoopz, Sanchez, Kraske and Hellwing.