Friday, October 27, 2017


A bold statement from authorities put on blast by ABC News attempts to reassure an embattled middle-class enclave.

Take a look:

ABC report last line: "Jungerman is not a suspect at this time but police believe this was a targeted shooting and there is no danger to the public." 

This might or might not be reassuring to all of the Brookside denizens who are pretty quick to panic anyoo.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of interesting misinformation out there as the politics of the crime and the constant Conservative vs. Liberal feud is far more entertaining to Internets denizens than anything resembling empathy . . . KCPD hasn't named suspects yet but that hasn't stopped local law firms, social media denizens and just about everybody else from making some rather obvious connections. TKC's top suspect is now a "zombie vigilante" just to keep things fun for Halloween and because this horrific murder once again reveals deep racial, economic and partisan division in Kansas City that so many locals like to pretend don't exist.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of things that Brookside should feel, but "safe" isn't one of them.

Once again the national media is doing a lot of the heavy lifting in KC.

Jameson said...

Probably going to be one of the 50% of all homicides that go unsolved in Kansas City. The reality is that odds favor the killers. That's why it's so important that we NOT take away guns from people so that they can at least try to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

Cold case Kansas City?

Anonymous said...

How many murders are we at now? There have been so many this week I lost count?

KC Know It All said...

^^^ 121 - 5 this week.

Anonymous said...

KC has a police department and the odds of getting away with murder is 50-50.
A coin toss. How acceptable is that.
Can you image that is a business setting.
The odds your order arriving are 50-50. You would go out of business.

Anonymous said...

Get your kicks @ 136

Anonymous said...

KCMO safest city in the world!

Come ride the toot toot!

Anonymous said...

They suspect this was a targeted killing. What geniuses. The vast majority of millions are targeted.

Anonymous said...

OK Pants-shitters, go back to bed. you got to talk about murders today. Your highlight of the day is done. It's time to turn the blog over to the adults. Night-night.

Anonymous said...

Kc know it all is that you Tracy ?

Anonymous said...

According to the News reports on KMBC Ch9,,,,,,, as they reported

This Supposed 30 yr.old Attorney is NO Saint himself !!!

This supposed attorney Sued that KC Business owner for shooting those 2 burglars that broke into his business to steal copper and whatever else.

The Business owner shot both burglary suspects, both survived, but 1 lost his leg over it, and he decided to sue the business owner for loss of his leg.

With help from this young attorney, the attorneysued the business owner for just under 6 million dollars, and won the judgement against him, and Garnished his wages !

So basically, this lawyer sued the business owner for "DEFENDING" his own property from 2 thug criminals who broke into his business to Steal copper and other shit !!!!

That young jack ass attorney sounds like a typical Communist fuckin Liberal Jack Ass - Go Figure !

and the Stupid News media reporters want to make him out to be such a swell guy,, Bullshit,,,just another degenerate Worthless Commie' Bastard !!!

Anonymous said...

November ,4th we can all celebrate 100 years of the Russian Revolution, the greatest celebration of our lifetime!

Bowtied Silverback said...

Mr Millenial i think what you are looking for is Savage Love in the back of the go back to teasing your partners ass while he sips PBR

Anonymous said...

8:25, you're frustrated, lonely, and still awake, Geezer Hater. Sad and sick, you had an all nighter in your fave Barry BathHouse trolling for boys and none showed so ya had to settle for texting dick pics to kiddies!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gayzee Clown comes up with a creative narrative but gets things wrong as usual.

Jungerman has an ammosexual trigger happy history to consider and responds as judge, jury and executioner.

Not a lawyer, not even on TV. said...

No forgiving the defendant for taking out his frustrations on the plaintiff's counsel. It's not optimal, but the recourse is to appeal.

Having said that....

What idiot wouldn't fear for this man's retribution? Some may call him extremist, others may call him principled, but everyone could have formed an opinion because he can be googled. He's clearly an old-timey, black-and-white, no-nuance fellow. His 18-wheeler billboard screams "I mean it!"

No one considers how this guy's emotional profile will respond to sitting in a courtroom and listening to an attorney tell 12 people in a box how horrible he is? For defending his property? And probably saving other property owners the future loss?

Maybe the deceased attorney would have seen the risk and monitored the situation if he hadn't been so focused on dragging him over the coals and denigrating his character publicly. Would you be surprised if a hopeful side-benefit of the tactic would have been to get the defendant to make himself a spectacle in the courtroom?

Sympathies to the widow and children, of both parties.

Anonymous said...

8:56 AM: It's one thing to shoot intruders threatening you. It's quite another thing to get a message that an alarm got tripped and instead of calling the police you grab your AK-47 and drive to the warehouse hoping to get to shoot someone, then bragging and laughing about it in the deposition. He clearly shot with intent. Not to mention all the other people this scumbag has shot or threatened to shoot over the years. Jungerman's court records paint a picture of an ugly, angry, diseased man and I'm sure his history played a major role in the jury's verdict. I bet you also get your kicks blaming rape victims.

Anonymous said...

^^^ the KCPD does NOT care about responding to petty burglary and if they do have some officers available the response time is lackadaisical at best. I toss that KCPD under the bus with that, but it really extends to all metro PDs. Petty burglary, even though it can ruin someone's way of life / prop. values etc., just isn't "sexy" enough for the run of the mill officer to care about.

Anonymous said...

Did you just compare thieves to rape victims?

Anonymous said...

@11:40am commenter

Hey, Anti-Gun Jack-Ass , why don't you just come and admit your another one of those Anti-Gun Pathetic Jack-Ass liberals !!!

Why hide it,,, ????

your problem is, 1st your a Degenerate liberal Jack-Ass, it shows !

2nd you actually believe the KCMO Cops are capable of doing something in time ???

Clearly, you don't have a damn clue about whats going around the city !!

As recently reported in several KC News outlets, if you'd pay attention as in the past, KCPD can NOT answer 911 calls in time as they don't have enough Dispatchers, call time are long as people wait on the phone for a 911 operator, as in the past

and since the majority of those stealing copper are mostly Drugged up losers on all kinds dope who'd think nothing of killing you ,,,,,,

But you evidently don't have a problem at all with the Criminals, thugs and losers killing others,, just NOT OK, for citizens to protect themselves, their family and the property .

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Anonymous said...

^^Too much talk...too little said. Do you ever shut-up in the real world? When people turn and walk away while you are in mid-sentence, what do you think that means? YOU BORE ME.

Anonymous said...

Another one for the cold case file!

my butt hurts said...

Hey, Anti Gun Jack As's !!! Why don't you just come, and admit your one of those Anti Gun Pathetic Jack As's lib's !!! Why hide it,,, ???? You're problem is. 1st your a Degenerate, liberal, Jack As's. And it shows !

2nd You actually believe, the KCMO Cop's. Are capable of doing something, in time ??? Clearly you dont have a damn clue. About whats going around, the city !! As recently reported, in several KC News outlet's. If you pay attention, as in the past. KCPD can NOT answer 911 call's in time. As they dont have enough Dispatcher's. Call time are long. As people wait on the phone, for a 911 operator. As in the past and since the majority of those stealing copper. Are mostly Drugged up looser's on all kind's dope who think nothing. Of killing you ,,,,,,

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Polar Bear said...

Dog Patch will be black any time now. Lt. Joe Kenda says maybe "somebody else" had a hard-on for the Dog Patch legal eagle. The old dude would make a real easy patsy.