Kansas City Northland Storage Economy

Great post on the topic of consumerism and junk creating opportunity on the nice side of the bridge. Take a look:

Proposed Development at Barry Road and Green Hills

Seriously America. Why do we spend over $24 BILLION a year on storing crap we don't need? Anyways thanks to mass consumerism, self storage units aren't going away and so there is market demand for more. A development proposal moving forward at the southeast corner of Barry Road and Green...


  1. We are a nation of consumers and hoarders. I've seen some of the junk that is stored in these units. And it's not stuff that anyone wants or needs. That TV show (Storage Wars) is a joke. They show someone finding a priceless thingamabob that sells for a zillion dollars. Ha. What a waste of space and money.

  2. ANYTHING is better for the Northland than Section 8 Housing.

  3. Items surrounding divorce settlements, death inheritance, deployment, doing legit or maybe dirty biz, and HOARDING are often placed in storage. Some sneaks have even HOUSED THEMSELVES in storage units until busted.

    So, for some enterprising types it's sensible to pay storage fees. Some goofs and gluttons with trashy stashes, not so much.


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