Kansas City Newspaper Crusader Hoopz Targets The Myth Of White Oppression

She's now the most controversial scribe working in mainstream media for something besides her unfortunate earring choices or meandering columns about local good life. In her latest screed SHE'S GOING AFTER MOST WHITE PEOPLE which is an odd choice for a writer stuck in the heartland . . . And it's also kind of hack move given that every Internets writer has already offered their own impetuous reaction to this info that really says more about increasing American polarization. You decide . . .

Poll says most white people feel oppressed. You don't know the meaning of the word

It happens every week: I get called a racist. First of all, I don't hate white people. I just hate to be told that systemic racism and white supremacists aren't real. These callers are probably the same folks who believe that white people are struggling with prejudice against them.


  1. White people are struggling with prejudice against them.

  2. Sounds like she needs a shrink.

  3. 8:04---So right but in a lot of ways Trump and BLM have caused a lot of it in a case of the law of unintended consequences.

  4. Haters got to hate

  5. And Obama didn't do a goddamned thing to stoke the fire.

    If some motherfucker wants to do damage to me or my family whether they be white, black or a fucking dreamer(?) I will defend my family.

    Ramming the term "Hatred" , Racists blahblahblah etc...down people's throats is getting old and completely worn out.

    When will the blacks and the dreamer law breakers learn to shut the fuck up and work for a living instead of killing each other?

    When will a "dreamers" parents take responsibility and tell their kid that THEY are here illegally.

    Fuck no, place the blame elsewhere, ya that's the ticket.

  6. Dear Reader,

    It's time to check in with our PERPETUAL VICTIM, middle-aged woman/child, and Kansas City Falling Star scribe of all things in the vapid world of pop culture……hello Jenee Osterheldt!

    Osterheldt? What kind of a name is that? Certainly not African-American, but more along the lines of a South African Dutch Boer perhaps. Jenee's more likely to have ancestors who subjugated black slaves than most whites in the Midwest. Is Jenee psychologically damaged because her black father abandoned her, and her white maternal grandmother raised her white sister while leaving her to live with her dysfunctional mother? Get into counseling Ms. Osterheldt, you're crying out for help, and I feel your pain.

    Well, everything you need to know about this article is right there in the title and first opening sentence. "Poll says most white people feel oppressed. You don't know the meaning of the word." "It happens every week: I get called a racist."

    With her article title, Ms. Osterheldt completely sweeps away the opinion of all white people who responded to a poll, and she does this based solely upon their race. By definition, she's acting from a malicious racist point of view. If she indeed gets called a racist every week, I think we've discovered the reason why.

    Ms. Osterheldt, the light-skinned biracial intellectual lightweight, seeks to hold a monopoly on the claim to societal victimhood. We can nearly hear her exclaim, "How dare those white people try to horn in on my victim status!" She then goes on a disjointed parade of pop culture references, ranging from Obama-Dreamers-NFL-Trump-Timberlake's dick-Jackson's nipple-looney Congresswoman-Niger-white cops killing blacks-BlackLivesMatter-neo Nazis-white supremacy-Dove soap-black Muslim queers-and the NAACP! I believe that's known as "throwing a pile of crap against the wall, and seeing how much sticks."

    For all of you with excellent reasoning skills, you no doubt noticed that while Ms. Osterheldt began by discounting the results of a poll she didn't like, she then proceeded forward to cite another poll, a Bloomberg source, and the NAACP to convince you that her points are valid. Sadly, Jenee has no concept of logic, for when I pointed this out to her, she resorted to crying and accused me of being insensitive to her victimization.

    What bothers me most about Jenee Osterheldt's stunted development as an adult journalist is not that she's wrong on nearly all major political issues of our time, for people can disagree and still remain cordial, but it's her repetitive toxic message that there is virtue in wallowing in a self-imposed prison of victimhood while lashing out at a fictional white institutional warden of racism. Ms. Osterheldt, there are no chains binding your hands nor feet. You may subconsciously wish to be enslaved, for it removes any initiative on your part, but I don't require your services as a slave. Go forth and prosper……….please!

  7. Byron Funkhouser10/27/17, 12:16 PM

    Of all of our Senators & Congressmen, who many are black? How many are black women? I can think of only two black people who work for Der Fuhrer.

    There is no "white genocide".

    There is no systemic oppression of white people.

    You've lost some of the white privilege that you deny that you have, so you see this as discrimination, but you are not being discriminated against.

    11:19, launches a personal attack "she's wrong on nearly all major political issues of our time." That's an opinion, not a fact.

    It doesn't matter what she writes, Tony would disagree with her because she's a woman, & a real journalist. His denizens hate her because she's black.

    1. Wrong, retard. She is a dumb cunt, consumed by her self pity at being black. She is such a dumb cunt she doesn't realize that everything she has been given to her is because she is a black woman.

  8. A 29-year-old African-American student has been arrested for spray-painting "KKK" and "Leave NI**ERS" repeatedly around Eastern Michigan University last year.

    The graffiti triggered large protests at the time by Black Lives Matter activists.

    The root of Hoopz ire is self-hatred.

  9. Der Funkhouser said "white privilege". Everyone take a drink.

  10. Blah Blah blah...boring......vegetable lasagnas running their mouths...


  11. BULLSHIT BYRON, There has been oppression of white people since I can remember. Ever work in a Govt. office and watch black women get promoted over whites when they can't do their job or have not been there the longest to avoid a civil suit?????

    If you don't like what everyone on here thinks about the RACIST HATE FILLED Osterheldt then stay the hell off of here, we are sick of your bias attitude and your lies!

    You don't even know who is against you and who's not. You bite the hand that feeds you, and support the people who have fought against you.

    You are so F**king stupid it's sickening!

  12. Biron, oh BIRON! How can you be so stupid. Your wanting to reward the bottom of the barrel. Everyone knows that shit floats to the surface of the barrel.

    Fuck you Biron Stunkhouser

  13. Amerieuros are being subjected to psychological Operations with the intent of destroying their morale. Not just the poverty class but the mid class, all I can say is manifest self determination, hold your head steady if you care for nation and ethnicity, it's not that big of a deal but the pit masters are wedging a all their bait lately saying amerieuros don't have a right to exist or determine how their country Is governed

  14. Well said, Amen 10/27/17, 11:19 AM

  15. Only 15 comments? I figured there would be more empty barrels rattling around on this one. Osterheldt is good at triggering them.


  16. LOL---racist Democrat Affirmative Action scammer Hoopz jus' trying to keep the AA quota system racket going.

    forget what that crazy old MLK geezer said about judging people by the content of their character --

    Demosleazeball tribalism relies solely on the color of their skin.

  17. Without the perception of racism boons will have to get a job. We can not be letting that happen.


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