Monday, October 23, 2017

Kansas City Neighborhoods Confront AirBnB Concerns And Internets Biz Push Back

Insight into an important discussion of the local "sharing economy" and its consequences . . .

Kansas City Citizens for Responsible Government: A motel could be coming next door to you!


KCMO City Council is in the process of changing the zoning for most of the city (including single family homes in residential neighborhoods) to allow people to put “small businesses” in these neighborhoods. What does this mean for you? Unless your neighborhood is exempt, you could have a beauty shop, auto repair shop or a small hotel (AirBnB) next door. Historically these type of business in a residential neighborhood do not add property values, if fact they lower property values. There are loads of horrible stories on the internet. Google this: Police: Father finds Airbnb guest naked in 7-year-old daughter's bed.

The group pushing this change is very well organized and even has organizations like EXPEDIA helping them. They are pushing the short term rental, AirBnB aspect. They have been very active at City Hall. In fact this last week there was a hearing on this ordinance, #170771, and while opposing forces had six people in attendance, the pro people had 85. The 85 is a small number when you think about the population of Kansas City which is single family, residential zoned. Their numbers at City Hall gave the council committee the feeling that there isn’t any opposition to this zoning change.

You could have as many as eight people renting rooms in the house next-door. The city is going to try and control this but we have about four code enforcement officers for the whole city, so you know how that will go.

In some neighborhoods where there are large homes, investors come in and buy up the homes turning them into short term rentals. The owners of the homes do not even live there.

The next meeting / hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, November 8th at 1:30pm on the 26th floor of City Hall.

If you are interested in preserving the integrity of your neighborhood, you should plan to attend the meeting and testify! You can view the ordinance #1707771, check your current zoning classification, and reconfirm the November 8th meeting on the city clerk’s website:

We believe this information should be of interest of every KCMO homeowner. Please pass along to your neighborhood associations, email lists, friends and neighbors.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree that B&B's lower property values, and in this day you don't know what or who is coming into your home, pretty scary. But at the same time it's a great way to make quick money, the hotel industry is the fastest return on your money plus you can have write off's of food and other things. Another downfall is you're subject to an audit easier because of write off's so it can be a sticky business.

Anonymous said...

We need less B&Bs and more Brothels.