Kansas City Movie Giveaway Double Down

Here's a bit of nice news regarding freebies for the local "creative class" that might or might not benefit so many broke-ass residents. Take a peek:

Kansas City Film Office increases incentive for local film projects

The Kansas City Film Office has increased its rebate incentive for film crews in an effort to attract more high-quality productions to town. The rebates of 10 percent can be combined with a more favorable tax environment than what is offered in Hollywood, the traditional home of the U.S. film industry.


  1. Don't we have enough "shooting" in Kansas City already?
    Now the taxpayers are going to have to pay for outsiders to come here to shoot?

  2. Call Harvey Weinstein!!!!!!

  3. Incentives and body armor would be a good combo.

  4. What are they filming here? ISIS recruiting films?

  5. I need some of that money for a major porn production in KC. Where do I apply?


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