Thursday, October 26, 2017

Kansas City #MeToo Faith Blogging

Kansas City's top writer on religious considers the latest harassment meme in context of churches. Read more:

Church leaders and their sexual sins: 10-26-17

In this time of #MeToo hashtags -- those wounded, indignant and understandable cries of countless women who have been sexually assaulted in some way by piggish men -- you might think that the field of religion would provide a place...


Anonymous said...

Bill is a fucking pig for minimizing sexual assault. Sexual assault is not adultery Bill. Small kings will have many wives and lovers But small kings envoled with human trafficking is something you have never had to apologize for so stop making yourself look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Silence is violence.
Whether it's protecting racists, rapists, domestic abusers or other sad excuses for human beings.
You cannot be neutral on matters of predatory and harmful behavior. You cannot give social capital to abusers with your online or IRL friendship, acquaintance or patronage that does not involve facing the truth and holding them accountable to change, if that is possible.
Silence may be easier for you, but the survivors had the courage to come forward to protect others, maybe yourself included.
It is cowardice and true lack of empathy that holds bystanders to abusers in any way. They aren't the ones you should be standing with.
Stop enabling predators and their twisted behavior with your complacency.

Anonymous said...

Women are still trying to promote the theory that they are more than a life support system for a vagina. How silly.

Anonymous said...

As a former labor official and married man I had to go through collective begging foreplay with my wife. Can I say #METOO?
Sometimes when I was asleep and had a piss hardon she would jerk me off. I was so embarrassed to tell my friends. Every Time I would sit in negotiation or a grievance meeting those women on the other side could tell I had been gropped.

Type #METOO on TKC if your an abused or gropped male.

Anonymous said...

Bill is a double dealer.

Hey Bill, how about the polyamorous partying at the Kansas City Atheist Coaltion?

Lots of fun if you like fat chicks, but be sure to double bag it!!!

Anonymous said...

I notice Bill is still going on about his first wife cheating on him.

And it was years ago.

So quit going on about forgiveness and all that. Or just Shut Up.

Anonymous said...

If he had a big dick she wouldn't have cheated on him. She just needed a good horsefucking once in a while.

Anonymous said...

One Night in Budapest would change your world view