Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kansas City Late Night Look

Quick glimpse at some of the stories that are still worth a look for the late night . . .

More Urban Core Building

27th and Troost development moves forward

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The city approved plans for a mixed-use project on the corner of 27th and Troost on Wednesday. The project will bring 182 apartments and 12,000 square feet of retail space to the Beacon Hill area. Some are calling the development risky, but developer John Hoffman with UC-B Properties said it's a risk worth taking.

County Exec Work Around

County legislators' divide with Frank White grows as they add executive positions

The estrangement between Jackson County Executive Frank White and a once-supportive county legislature grew Wednesday when legislators took steps to hire their own staff to guide them through the coming budget process and build a new jail. Normally the county executive's folks crunch the budget numbers for the legislature's consideration and report on big projects.

Guilty Golden Ghetto Creeper

Former Johnson County foster parent sentenced for child rape

A Johnson County foster father has been sentenced to 310 months in prison after being charged with rape and indecent liberties with a child. Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe announced Wednesday that Sean P. Murphy, of Edgerton, KS, was sentenced in Johnson County District Court for the convictions of Rape of a Child, Rape of a Child and Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

Kansas Politics Is Nasty

Ex-staffer: Sexual harassment rampant at Kansas Statehouse

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - A former chief of staff to a Democratic legislative leader says sexual harassment is "rampant" at the Kansas Statehouse and that she was once asked for sex by a lawmaker. Abbie Hodgson said Wednesday that several female college students working as legislative interns also acted as after-hours designated drivers for intoxicated lawmakers last year.

Kansas City Kangaroo Drama

UMKC Fairy Tale Production Captures 'Epic Nature Of Opera' With Paper

The opera Hansel and Gretel is based on a Grimm Brothers' fairy tale. In this version of the story, the brother and sister are sent into the forest to gather strawberries. They get lost, encounter creatures like the Sandman and the Dew Fairy - and discover a mysterious gingerbread house where they're captured by a witch.

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Anonymous said...

Risk worth taking.

Taxpayers holding the bag why not?

Anonymous said...

It's a risk alright, not one worth taking.

Gray Back said...

"Kansas City Kangaroo Drama"!

How apropo.