Kansas City JoCo Airport Ruckus Tonight!!!

Looming in the background of all new single-terminal airport conversation is the (unfounded) threat that JoCo will one day build something better --  Despite the fact that the Golden Ghetto has always been a cheapskate cultural wasteland dependent on building on the backs of the working poor from every demographic.

Nevertheless . . . The conversation continues as a low-voter turnout ballot awaits . . . And the new airport will be built either way.

Better still . . . Johnson County dude Steve Rose is one of our faves and he shines in tonight's episode that skews toward opinion from the "upscale" parts of the metro. Take a peek:

"Mike Shanin interviews Aviation Director Patrick Klein about the future of KCI. Mary O'Halloran, Lisa Johnston, Steve Rose and Woody Cozad discuss the campaign to convince voters to approve moving forward on a new KCI in the November election, the Kansas Supreme Court ruling that the education finance formula is unconstitutional and the potential impact of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Crosby does a decent job of trying to defend against the new airport but it's an inevitability.

  2. That is Woody Cozad. The airport is going to lose.

    1. thanks for the corrections. absolutely agreed with what he said. the new airport is a scam.

  3. JoCo owes MO nothing. Many of us fled crime, bad police, crooked mayors, and trashy schools to cross the state line into civilization. And our taxes support babymamas in all states.

  4. I'm from the future10/5/17, 11:58 PM

    A new airport will bankrupt the city.

    Wait and see.

  5. ^^^^ KC time traveler? Really, of all the places you could go. You came back here? Doubtful.

    And the prediction about the new airport is rubbish. I think you're just trying to preserve the past.

  6. Woody Cozad.


  7. 11:18 a.m. says JoCo owes MO nothing? Whaaaat? There would be no JoCo without Missouri. The developers bought up huge tracts of farmland and started building houses. They scared people out of the old MO neighborhoods by telling them the boons were be moving next door and holy hell would break loose. It was a prediction that came true because those families abandoned the city for the farmland. Speculators bought houses and turned them into slums. With white flight came the loss of tax money to support the schools which then started failing. It was a domino effect and a self-fulling prophecy. If the families in the 1950-60's had stayed, the city wouldn't have fallen apart. Fear and greed drove the prosperous into JoCo.

  8. No, @ 11:18, your PARENTS fled across the State line to take advantage of lower tax rates and easier to get mortgages. Besides, all the amenities were being provided by the Missouri taxpayers, and you could leech off them to your heart's content.

    In light of your chronically underfunded Schools and State-wide bankruptcy, how's that working out for you?


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