Saturday, October 07, 2017

Kansas City Housewife Considers #NewKCI

A perfectly valid, if not wordy, opinion on the new airport proposal from one of the may voters out there who is far too accepting of City Hall propaganda and cute drawings. Read more on this important perspective from a local who might not realize how corrupt this process has been from the outset. Checkit:

Discussions: The Future of KCI

Kansas City International Airport was built in 1972 by Kivett & Myers, but heavily influenced and designed by TWA (Trans World Airlines), who had plans to move their hub to the future airport. Marketed as "the Airport of the Future," the design was pretty much a failure from the beginning (thanks to TWA's influence).


Anonymous said...

Who is this? Are they paid to write this drivel by City Hall or "Wedgewood"? Same old arguments for "spend, spend, spend" that have been rammed into our ears and down our throats for eighteen months by every media source in KC, but this time "dolled up" with even more rambling, incoherent verbal diarrhea!


Anonymous said...

Save KCI!

very convenient for travelers, except for city hall inflicted lack of bathrooms behind security.

remodel KCI. replace city hall.

Anonymous said...

I'm not reading fake news. Probably planted.

Anonymous said...

I'm not voting yes until there is a strip club in there too

Anonymous said...

More BS from City Hall. Another paid pundit: boy they miss Glorioso. A waterfall fountain? That place will be like a sauna in the summer with the humidity. Do the designers know we live in tornado alley? Those drawings look like they could be blown over by a strong wind, let alone a tornado! Our existing terminals are solid concrete and once remodeled will give the appearance of an ultra modern, mid-century modern airport of unprecedented convenience, function and beauty!! Vote NO and tell City Hall we're waiting for the remodel vote to come!!

VOTE NO on NO-vember 7th on Question #1... NO-vember. NO-ember. NO-ember

Anonymous said...

Great message from someone without any schooling or background in providing services for a large mass of people. The problem is she has made all of the mistakes that identify her as knowing next to nothing except how to SHOP. An emphasis on bars restaurants and kiosks that sell airport junk is typical of a stay at home mother.

Anonymous said...

We were there when the airport opened in 1972. The brutalist style was very popular then, so the concrete walls and the awful wood floors were so sterile and unwelcoming. I had to laugh about TWA (who?) having so much input into the design. They promised to make us a hub, and then Poof they were gone. This is a lesson for the "tear-it-down" crowd. Don't count on anything and don't believe what you are told.

Oh, and vote NO for a new terminal.

Anonymous said...

Kraske thinks a new airport would be "KOOL"