Kansas City Homicide #118: The Latest Murder In Northeast

Urban core gunfire round-up that was mostly overlooked in the media today, here's a more comprehensive report than anything else out there from community news: Homicide # 118 at Independence and Elmwood


  1. Hope none of the anti-crime nonprofit "activists" didn't run into each other and get hurt racing to the scene for television face time and selfies.
    All these programs, vigils, movies, meetings, marches, protests, and millions and millions of dollars are certainly working magic.
    The perps are well-known in the community and certainly to the police.
    Get them off the streets.

  2. Victim description same as suspect description, repeat this week-end, repeat next Wednesday, repeat next....

  3. That young lady killed last week used to work 4 aim for peace but they fired her because she was out of control.

  4. Dindu Nuffin dint see nuttin.

  5. And I guess the Cops are going to want more money... for what.
    To throw away.


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