Kansas City Heroism Blogging

The foremost local faith blogger provides an important perspective on a very rare human trait and a word that is used to score political points far too often. Checkit:

A value that drives heroes in times of disaster: 10-5-17

It seems both inevitable and reassuring that in the midst of a catastrophe we eventually learn about inspiring ways human beings rose to the occasion and did what they could to save lives, even if that meant putting themselves in...


  1. - Candlelight vigils, teddy bears, flower.
    - change your facebook icon.
    - Wait for the First responder hero stories.
    - Wait for the Miricle Stories.
    - Wait for all the Hollywood talk show speeches.
    - Watch Little Jimmy Kimmel cry on TV.
    (while Hollywood produces the most bloody, violent movies in history.)

  2. govt / antifa / nra engineered heroes

  3. Indians and Jews--thanks , Bill !


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