Kansas City Freedomination Overnight

A moment of contemplation as a local artists reaches across the pond with his work confronting a great many themes present in the local discourse as well . . .

#Freedom series of #REDboard2017 on Freehold Street is an artist collaboration by Dawn Woolley and Kansas City based Davin Watne.

A look at the artsy event that's basically just a high-brow version of what we do on this blog every day . . .

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. Yeah, but no clevage-y hotties or gossip.

    Sometimes high-brow is just an excuse for being boring. Don't believe me? Just go visit the KC public library.

    1. ^^^ Philistine.

      Don't show off your own ignorance.

      Listen closely to the words and it's not exactly anti-Trump. GB is going through the same crisis as the U.S. and their Brexit.


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