Monday, October 30, 2017


Ongoing debate and update on the fight against one of Kansas City's biggest employers and continued allegations from employees confronting health crisis . . . Checkit:

Honeywell workers complain they are not getting paid workers compensation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Bannister Federal Complex exposed workers to thousands of toxic chemicals for years, causing severe health problems. Now, more than 700 workers said they are having a hard time getting workman's compensation as they fight severe disease or rare forms of cancer, according to the Coalition Against Contamination.


Anonymous said...

File a class action suit

Anonymous said...

People started dying by the 1960s. There was only 15 percent of the production area clean enough to work out of 5 million square feet. Now the Missouri Governor signed to demolish the building for 5 cents on the dollar. Now contamination will drift five miles in every direction. Including downtown, the stadium, Waldo, country club plaza. There 175 pages of chemicals that can kill you and likely will kill you. Cancer will be more common than pregnancy or marriage.

Gray Back said...

Well fuck me!!!!!!!!! 9:35. Kim Jong Un ain't gonna kill me it's our own fucking governor. Blahblahblah

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what is more toxic....not having a workplace at all. Now you government contract overpaid cry babies need to get your asses back to work and shut the fuck up.