Saturday, October 21, 2017

Kansas City Faith Blogging 9/11 Tribute

Really great post from Kansas City's top faith writer on the topic of patriotism, loss and reconciliation. Read more:

A visit to the 9/11 memorial: 10-21-17

NEW YORK -- There is something in the American psyche that wants everything to be OK, that seeks to make lemonade when life provides lemons, that wants to move right past Good Friday's disillusion, desolation and loss and on to...


chuck said...

An astonishingly well written piece, which on the one hand, is an elegy for the 9/11 dead (Including one of his own family members.).

The irony, is, while this article elucidates the ominous, ever present, pending threat from the bloody, now centuries old culture clash between the Occident and the Black Salafist Flag, Tammeus remains blind to the victories now accumulated piece meal in quest of Islam's categorical, incessantly enunciated aims of domination, now, by way of immigration.

As Europe comes apart at the seams, it's culture and people intimidated and tyrannized by Political Correctness codified into law by loathsome, pusillanimous Globalist leaders, his (Tammeus) blinders are firmly in place.

The evidence is unambiguated and overwhelming. 81% of Muslims in the Middle East support violence in pursuit of Sharia.

I could post a hundred irrefutable, articles of all types from all over the world. The two cultures will not, have not and will never mix on a grand scale.

Tammeus -"That latter darkness still prowls the Earth, seeking converts. We will be ineffective at stopping all those conversions if we fail to recognize how deep that religious darkness is that we call Islamism (because it's an "ism," not the religion Islam itself) and how hard it is to speak a word of hope into that theological and political bleakness."

Tammeus is unconsciously cognitively dissonant. It is, it IS the religion.

The premise of his article, that we want all things to just be ok, is after all, his own sin here. The necrosis in his own sick, willful impercipience to the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, Thank you again. Your one of the reasons I come here frequently.
During a conversation with a friend the plight of the Rohingas(sp?) came up. Bubba said: If the Buddhists are slaughtering them there must be something wrong with them. After pondering that for a while the spark of awareness kindled in me. Yea, the Buddhists are not well known for their violent proclivities, are they?

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther told the truth about the Jews. So did the National Socialists. So is the internet.911 happened so that public opinion would favor of a"war on terror".We've been fighting Israel's enemies ever since.America had no Muslim enemies---before there was an Israel.

chuck said...



Anonymous said...

Tony is deleting comments.

Anonymous said...

7:27 nails it.

Tammeus is not blind, tough.

He is a double dealer.

He knows what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Let it go already.

Anonymous said...

I for one will never let it go as long as the Collaborator posts his double dealing excuses.