From our reporting partners, some important info about life in Kansas City. Take a look:

Kansas City has the #15 highest eviction rate of the nation's 50 largest metros

Evictions are a leading cause of homelessness, and research has tied evictions to poor health outcomes in both adults and children. Despite the importance of this issue, there is currently a serious lack of comprehensive nationwide data on evictions.

TKC Note: There's an upcoming study on this topic that we'll link to later in the week . . .

Many renters struggle to pay their rent, and we estimate that 3.7 million Americans have been affected by eviction. Additionally, evictions disproportionately impact the most vulnerable segments of the population - less educated Americans face significantly higher risks of eviction, as do black households and households with children.
Here are some highlights you might be interested in:

- One in five renters were unable to pay their rent in full for at least one of the past three months. We estimate that 3.7 million American renters have experienced an eviction.

- Black households face the highest rates of eviction, even when controlling for education and income. Additionally, households with children are twice as likely to face an eviction threat, regardless of marital status.

- We estimate an eviction rate of 4.2% for the Kansas City metro, which is the #15 highest rate of the nation's 50 largest metros.

Here's a preview to more data on the way.

Developing . . .


  1. I thought that the rule is:
    You don't pay the fucking rent, you hit the fucking street.

  2. KC = Home of the slumlord!

  3. Use to be that 4:39.

    now days you gt a place you can't afford stop paying the rent and then live there for months all free as it grinds through the courts to get them thrown out.

  4. Why does it have to be titled highest "eviction rates" vs "deadbeat tenants"

  5. Not about race, it's the behavior.
    Rent comes first. Put the weave on layaway.

  6. they forgot to mention that these are legal evictions

  7. It's time to bring back the workhouse.

    Don't or won't to pay your way-that's OK-off to the workhouse for you to stay-and take the family all de way.

    Loser Shave

  8. Got money for tattoos and fingernails and food stamps for endless bastards. But not the rent? Oh yes, and cigarettes...End poverty! Sterilize the baby mama.

  9. I'm sure if employer's would start paying a living wage more people would be able to pay there rent. Is that what the minimum movement is all about. Do you think people are starting to figure it out They won't be able to find a place to live. Because they don't make enough to pay rent and utilities.

    1. Yeah, but rent is super cheap in East KC. Work a full time job and you can pay rent and utilities; get a roommate. Take some responsibility for your choices.

  10. Sorry Retro Rocker, a slug is a slug no matter how hard it tries it will always be a slug.

    People should not live above their means.

    Many people live off a minimum wage. They take the bus, stay single, stay clean.

    They learn the job.

    A fellow once told me he worked for McDonalds. Jokingly I asked if he was a burger flipper.
    His answer jolted me. He started in high school minimum wage. Worked to become a store manager. Applied to the McDonalds School of business.

    He was being transferred to the Pacific Rim and a district manager. Lives in Hawaii.

    Son-a-bitches are given every tit to suck off of and still can't make it in the world.

    1. Gray Back,
      You and I see eye to eye on most everything, including this. Your story is a perfect example that anyone who is willing to work can move up the ladder if they have the will and ambition to do so.

  11. Fucking bumbs need to get the fuck out of KC.

  12. It can't be all that bad, Tony Botello's mom hasn't evicted him from her basement yet.

  13. If you think that somehow landlords should just provide housing for free then I suppose you would believe this. Those who own rental property are losing their shirts because most tenants just don't pay their rent. It's not about just being behind, its often about just not paying anything.


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