Kansas City Evening Link Look

On a cloudy night, here's a quick glimpse of some of today's top stories worth a peek:

Answer The Local Call

Kansas City hiring more 911 dispatchers

Kansas City is facing a shortage of 911 dispatchers. Though during a Police Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, it was announced that those open positions are now slowly getting filled. A total of eleven people were acknowledged at the meeting as the newest group to enter into training.

Cowtown Saves The World???

Kansas City Group Expands Water Access Worldwide, And Did Total Eclipse Live Up To The Hype?

You could be forgiven for not realizing there's an organization based in Independence, Missouri, that's helping people around the world gain access to sanitation and clean water. Today, we meet the CEO and co-founder of Water.org. Then, astrophysicist Angela Speck returns to discuss what the scientific community learned from the eclipse on August 21.

Local Murder Count Deets

KCPD identifies man shot to death early Sunday

Kansas City police have released the name of a man shot to death early Sunday. Marco Green, 28, was found suffering from gunshot wounds near 76th Street and Monroe Avenue. He was taken to a hospital, but died a few hours later. No arrests have been announced.

Shawnee Disclosure Consequence

Student sues Shawnee Mission school district for reported sexual assault at study hall

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A Johnson County middle school student and her father are suing the Shawnee Mission school district. According to court documents, the female student attended Westridge Middle School and said that a male student sexually assaulted her during study hall in May.

Show-Me Police Pushback From The Guv

Greitens isn't dismissing idea of changing who investigates police-involved killings

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens said Tuesday he's willing to consider proposals to require outside law enforcement agencies to investigate police-involved killings. It's a proposal that's gaining more attention amid protests over Jason Stockley's acquittal of first-degree murder in the death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

Gun Dudes Flex In Sunflower State

Kansas Militia More Visible At Political Events

The gun control debate is heating up again in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre - and that will likely invigorate staunch Second Amendment groups like the Three Percenters Militia. Militia groups have recently become much more visible, showing up at political demonstrations.

Historic KCMO Northeast Comeback

Kansas City Museum hosts Construction Kickoff event

The Kansas City Museum has officially kicked off a $15 million dollar construction renovation and restoration project slated for completion in 2019. During a Tuesday, October 10 kickoff event, KCMO Parks Director Mark McHenry noted the early accomplishments of Northeast neighborhood leaders in the long-term restoration project, citing the late Ruthanne Harper, former City Councilwoman Deb Hermann and former Indian Mound President and present Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner for keeping the project on the city's radar.

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  1. Threepers can suck my dick.

  2. which of the 85 sm district people making over $100k were involved?


    What a shame, of course it wouldn't have been much anyway, all the exhibit material has to have "disappeared" decades ago.
    Well, maybe there are pictures somewhere of all the neat stuff that used to be there, now it's just going to be somebody's house, BIG WHOOP!

  4. hire more dispatchers but no officers...so much sense to be made!


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