Kansas City Democratic Party Loyalists Turn On Council Lady Jolie Justus Over Alleged 'Lies' In Campaign For #NewKCI

Another great post by MO Rage reminds us of growing bi-partisan support against the airport. Read more: Even Jolie Justus Gets In On the Lies About a New Airport


  1. Jolie does tell a lot of lies. She also eats a lot of pussy.


  2. But when she lies her dildo grows.

  3. What Jolie does in her bedroom is her business. What she does to taxpayers to curry favors from her corporate owners, however, is our business, and should disqualify her for public office.

    No one should vote for or against Jolie because of her sexual preference. She should fail on her record.

  4. Ok 7:04 I'll agree with part of what you say but just what is her record? She is a paid political hack put into place by B&M and that shyster group she works for.

  5. ^^^^Totally agree. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear.

    Jolie's been controlled by realtor and real estate developers since she was first elected. Do we need more Slys in office?

  6. City Hall lying? You're kidding. They never lie and are good stewards of our tax dollars.



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