Kansas City Dead-Tree Print Legacy Intact

Biz follow-up after bad news in a stock market conference call today that our blog community reported FIRST:

Kansas City Star Owner Won't Sell Printing Plant Building - At Least For Now

The owner of The Kansas City Star has decided not to sell the newspaper's massive green-glass production plant overlooking downtown after all. McClatchy announced in its third quarter earnings report that it had "terminated" a sale-leaseback agreement for the 434,000 square-foot Press Pavilion with an entity called R2 Capital LLC.


  1. They just did a hack job on the under value of the Plaza- what value is the star building and what amount are the screwing the public school district kids? Is this racist?
    The amount the building is valued depends on if “Hoopz” is in it. If she is not in it- priceless from what I know

  2. I guess his KC property tax scam deal is non transferable.

  3. Star...give us back the tax money you stole!!

  4. How can any so called "journalist" continue to work for the STAR after it raped the City with tax incentives on a building they already owned!

    Forget the whores Helling and Kraske, who couldn't get a job elsewhere if there lives depended on it! And, KCPT and KCUR don't constitute elsewhere!

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