Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kansas City Dead-Tree New Airport Conspiracy Theory Forgets Fading Newspaper Influence

An interesting theory from our number crunching friends who MISTAKENLY BELIEVE THAT THE KANSAS CITY STAR STILL INFLUENCES ELECTIONS. In reality, this vote will be won or lost with a "ground game" paid by political action committees putting money on the street and basically buying votes. Take a look:

Is the Fate of Kansas City's Airport Terminal In Its Star?

On October 8, The Kansas City Star editorial board urged readers to vote for a new airport terminal in the November 7 election. It wrote:To us, one of the main selling points of the proposed new terminal is the expectation that airlines would add more direct flights out of here, and maybe even some international flights.


Anonymous said...

Great Airport Football Field

Anonymous said...

the check is in the mail, i will still respect you in the morning,
i wont cum in you mouth. just like we need a new airport

Anonymous said...

i'm bullying all my friends into voting NO

Retro ROCKER said...

It's a great Hoax AND Voters are beginning to Realize it promises promises. Remember the sprint center promise. A pro,Hocky,or basketball team. They are selling you a bill of goods. Right out of Being buffaloed 101.the famous con.The KANSAS,CITY SHUFFLE. THEY HAVE BEEN TRYING IT FOR A HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS.

Anonymous said...

promises of direct flights , big effing deal , as long as you are on the same flight number its called a direct flight no matter how many airports you visit till your final destination, shoulda lyingly promised non-stop flights to promote your agenda retarded unable of forethought goddam hucksters , a 12 year old could have composed a better rise than this lame ass leadership

Anonymous said...

The single terminal is a design flaw. Next, they’ll be asking to expand to a new terminal and then another. Good grief. We already have an airport that is easily navigatable. Why are we fixing something that’s not broken. Other airports in the US are far more inefficient than KCI. Add to the current design. Do not build new. It’s not worth it. Kansas CIty is too small. Gawd.

Anonymous said...

save kci and remodel it!

common sense for the show-me state.

Anonymous said...

Direct flights from non-major hubs are a thing of the past. Ask Cincinnati. Used to love flying international out of there.

Anonymous said...

Reduce the number of gates and add more flights?
Reminds me of: "Read my lips, no new taxes." Are politicians even capable of telling the truth, let alone Sly and Troy?
Remember "...the taxpayers won't have to pay for it."
Liar, liar, pants on fire.
Vote no!

Anonymous said...

Another KC ripoff.

Rigged election would be exposed if anybody bothered to check.

Anonymous said...

"paid for by political action committees"

You admit that Show-me Institute pays you? Worst kept secret in town.

Jim Claxton NKC said...

That's a bit of a stretch. It's not like you have to make up shit to attack TKC. There's a lot to object to here and there's a lot of reporting and linking that I don't care for. But when you make us stuff it must makes you look stupid and hurts your cause. This post actually criticizes Show-Me.

I happen to think their points are 100% correct and they have documented collusion between the newspaper and the Better KCI campaign.

Tony is actually blowing it off and being very casual in his posting as he often does.

The fact is, Show-Me is correct in their criticism and it's a clear example of media bias.

Anonymous said...

we've known for a long time that the local newspaper is not doing much serious reporting except on rare occasions.

that it's a promoter of a new airport is par for the course.

Anonymous said...

Considering how few people read the Star their endorsement is irrelevant. TV ads are only watched during live sporting events when the viewer isn't getting another beer or getting rid of the last one. Mailers hit the trash faster than Byron's sheep can run.

Elections are mostly won in KCMO because those remaining voters will always vote for more taxes. Those who question tax issues mostly moved years ago.

JoCoPost said...

Good work by ShowMe Institute
Collusion with STAR, absolutely.

Share with your friends, lie to the phone pollsters, and vote NO.
You can defeat this, KCMO voters!
Make them come back with something MUCH better.

Also the SaveKCI story about lack of seating--a very compelling story.
And was if CFRG who reported last night about how KCMO airport mgmt stiffed Southwest Airlines with their Pilot Lounge or whatever it is called, which then was granted them by more accommodating St Louis.

Leadership vacuum by Sly James and Troy Schulte. What do they expect?