Kansas City Cycling Across The Bridge

Info for the Northland leisure class and now Kansas City contributes to the healthy lifestyles of suburbanites and their sketchy back roads. Read more:

Maplewoods (North Woodland) and Bike Plan Meetings Tomorrow Night

Well I'm back to one handed blogging so sorry for the last minute notice but there are two public meetings tonight you might be interested in. First one deals with the update to the bike plan. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, check out my previous...


  1. Meh, the Bike Lanes won't get any use.

    Bike riders in the Northland are too accustomed to riding two or three abreast on residential streets to block traffic and show the World "who's the Boss" or else getting their jollies by running pedestrians off the walking Trails in the area.

    How can they show off their virtue and superiority to the "great unwashed" if they ride on mere "Bike Lanes"?


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