Kansas City Country Club Plaza Destroyed

Here's another nail in the coffin of Kansas City's 2nd most beleagured entertainment district:

Block breaks ground on office building it says will change Plaza skyline, become landmark

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Developers broke ground on a new office building they said will change the skyline of the Country Club Plaza. The new office building going in at 46 Penn Centre will be a 14-story building made mostly of glass. Developer Ken Block said the building will become an architectural landmark in Kansas City.


  1. Block got a smorgasbord of tax incentives/subsidies galore for this box. Taylor says this means the economy has recovered.

  2. "Kansas City Mayor Pro Tem Scott Taylor said the development is a sign the economy has recovered"


  3. The Plaza was destroyed when J. C. Nichols grandkids went to Florida to play "Real Estate Tycoon" with some really big Sharks, got eaten alive, and lost everything Granddaddy and Pop had built.

    Since then it's been turned into nothing but an ordinary run-of-the-mill Mall with really lousy air conditioning.

  4. ^^Ugh. Terrible. really weak shit there.

  5. By the time it is built people will be fleeing the Plaza area. And the Real Estate economy will tank. People smart,money will take there profits from the stock market by the end of the year. AND VACATION IN THE GULF OF MEXICO.

  6. Well, at least Ken Block, the Big Bad Wolf of landlords, learned not to build his houses with sticks of wood.

    His last big real estate development damn near burnt down all of southern OP and Olathe last year!!!
    Welding error??

    Glad this one is mostly glass.

  7. Won't be built until it is 80% pre leased, regardless of what Block says now. So don't hold your breath?


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