Thursday, October 05, 2017


Recent bank robbery footage that deserves a good look as Midtown gets even more dangerous. Checkit:

Police, FBI working to identify suspect after Wednesday afternoon bank robbery

The Kansas City Police Department and the FBI are investigating a bank robbery that happened Wednesday afternoon. Authorities said the incident happened at the Country Club Bank branch at 4343 Belleview Avenue. A man walked into the bank around 2:27 p.m., displayed a weapon, and made a verbal threat.


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Has anyone noticed the poor quality of these so-called "security" cameras? Why bother posting with a blurred picture? Can anyone tell what this guy is wearing, or even if he is a guy?

Banks used to be secure places to do business. Tellers sat behind a barrier with a cage protecting them. Now they are out in the open where the baddies can stick a gun in their face, or hop the counter and help themselves. They always have some grossly overweight security guy standing around with his thumbs in this belt.

Today's banks are ATM's for the crooks. Banks should forget about being friendly and concentrate on being safe.

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