Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kansas City Council Lady Jolie Justus Talks To Community News

A polite and rare neighborhood chat with the 4th District elected official now that she wants to be Mayor. Take a listen to these newshounds being exceptionally polite:

Northeast Newscast Episode 31 - on crime, guns, and a single terminal airport w/ 4th District Councilwoman Jolie Justus

This week on the Northeast Newscast, 4th District Councilwoman Jolie Justus sits down with Managing Editor Paul Thompson to discuss Kansas City's rash of homicides over the past week - and the steps that can be taken at City Hall to combat it, the role of guns in violent crime, and why she supports a new single terminal at Kansas City International airport.


Anonymous said...

Jolie tells a lot of lies and eats a lot of pussy

Anonymous said...

From the pic she looks like she is well on her way to becoming one of the KC Chamber of Commerce fat cats just like Sly.

Anonymous said...

Given Sly's stock is falling like a rock, she might be better off looking for some other coat tails.

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me that by leading the Mayor's Crime Task Force she didn't solve anything, and that crime is actually getting worse.

Funny, but I didn't hear Mr. Thompson ask Justus why she secretly colluded with Burns and McDonnell/Mayor James/City Manager Schulte to subvert democracy and hand over a no-bid billion-dollar contract.

Mr. Thompson, an effective reporter does not seek to be friends with the subject of their interview, but they work on behalf of the public to seek the truth. Please don't be an enabler to pretenders like Jolie Justus.

Anonymous said...

That damned sure ain't no lady, it's a fucking dyke and nothing less.