Thursday, October 12, 2017


Today Prez Trump pushed through legislation to undermine a great deal of the ACA (Obamacare) just as he promised on the campaign trail. Outrage from Democratic Party leaders has been fast and furious after they defeated the "repeal & replace" initiative in the Senate.

Here's a local perspective on the healthcare debate continued . . .

Congressman Cleaver Releases Statement Regarding the President’s Health Care Executive Order

President Trump’s Executive Order further harms America’s most vulnerable citizens: the poor, elderly and children

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II released the following statement today regarding President Donald Trump’s signed executive order on health care.

“Instead of working with Congress to determine what’s best for Americans and their health care, the President has decided to force his political agenda on the American people. There is a reason why the GOP effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has failed time and time again. The President wants to blame Democrats but the truth is, the proposed health care changes will hurt millions, regardless of their party affiliation.

These changes are designed to allow loopholes around ACA core requirements, such as the coverage of essential health benefits. Associations that band together to buy insurance will be exempt from having to cover certain prescription drug benefits, maternity care, or mental health services. The executive order will allow insurance companies to offer skimpy, short-term plans that don’t actually provide good coverage. This will attract the young and healthy customers at the expense of older or sicker individuals and their families, and will destabilize the insurance markets.

The American people have spoken – more than once – and they want Congress to work together to find ways to improve upon the ACA, not continue to roll back patient protections.”

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II
Missouri’s Fifth District


Anonymous said...

Don't you...I mean it Cleaver....Don't do it....damn you spit on me fighting the only President in 8 years trying to help the middle class.

Pay the car wash scam off and stop spitting on Trump supporters who want our country back.

Anonymous said...

God forbid people have some other choices besides the profit motivated insurance and medical cartel racket.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is just being his idiot self, what he is describing is Obama Care.
I'm a commercial landlord and Obama Care darn near put myself and my small business tenants out of business, Obama Care put a lot of people out of work.
The coverage was way less and way more money for my premiums, so what he is describing is Obama Care, he is a sore loser and no matter what the Trump plan is Cleaver is going to dispute it. Had Obama left healthcare alone we would have been better off but Obama wanted to stick his hands in things that weren't his business. Obama wanted socialism.

Anonymous said...

Will the KC Ass Clown Cleaver please pay back the car wash money and not run again.

Anonymous said...

Obama: "I have a pen and a phone." Trump: "Me too."

Anonymous said...

What exactly has leave it to cleaver actually done besides piss and moan about everything good for the American people???

Anonymous said...

Boon shut your snotty libtard black ass up and go do some work for a change.

Anonymous said...

He is exactly what you said he is. Therefore, he doesn't have to work.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Legacy Incinerated By Trump The Cremator

Obamacare -- dead from self-inflicted wounds

Paris Climate Accord -- U.S. to exit agreement

Iran Nuclear Deal -- U.S. to exit agreement

North Korea Pacification -- Trump says no more payments and trade deals for bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

I support my Congressman. A lot of the Trumpkins don't understand that they're cutting their own throat with these healthcare cuts. Time to WISE UP!

Anonymous said...

Intentionally ruining the health insurance industry is not a good strategy.

He owns the failure - by talking down the system last year, creating market uncertainty this year, and pulling funding now.

He causing premium increases now. His actions are the cause of upcoming denials of coverage.

You break it, you own it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Carwash and his fans got "throwed" by BammyCare!

Anonymous said...

Trump is a DIRT LIAR!!!

He promised to REPEAL and REPLACE Obamacare with SOMETHING BETTER!

He is doing NEITHER!

People will lose their lives over this.

The Damn Dirty Ape must have dementia.

Gray Back said...

Blacks were losing their lives under Obama and they had Obamacare!!!

Wait, them fuckers never did get Obamacare.

How did they lose their lives then?

Anonymous said...

Trump pulls the plug.

Trump kills the patient.

It's on him.

Worst of all, this doesn't impact just those on the exchanges. He is fucking up the entire system. All of our premiums will explode.

So much for repeated promise of much better health care at much lower cost (on day 1 & immediately). What happened to this is easy and I alone can fix it?

He lied?

Anonymous said...

And Obama didn't?????????????? C'mon man be intellectually honest at least.

Anonymous said...

Intellectually honest. OK.

Millions more are covered under Obamacare. Both in private market exchanges and Medicaid expansion (excluding brain dead KS & MO reps who turned down the federal funds).

Millions of people with pre-existing conditions are no longer denied coverage and care, and have their claims paid.

Rural hospitals have stayed open in many parts of the country thanks to the expansion. KS again fucked up by turning down the funds and watched the hospital in Independence close.

In the first several years, premiums were stable. Increases were in line with inflation. They rose by double digits previous to Obamacare and again in the last couple years (when the GOP Congress and Trump worked to talk down and destabilize the markets).

Trump's wealthcare tax plan simply kicks people off their current plans, proposed severe Medicaid cuts, and allows insurance companies to deny claims again. They don't even try to hide their grab to pocket this money at the expense of all of us.

Obama tried and mostly succeeded. Trump has broken promises followed by illegal executive orders to defy and defund the law, while offering no actual healthcare solutions to anyone.

Honestly - it's not even close.

Anonymous said...

418 you can keep your doctor and your oniggercare will be cheaper than your phone but hey BROBAMA was great