Kansas City Congressman Cleaver Co-Sponsoring Bump Stock Ban

A policy initiative after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history has a local connection as Kansas City's top ranking elected official targets this controversial gun accessory. Read more:

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver co-sponsoring legislation to ban bump stocks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is co-sponsoring legislation that would ban "bump stocks." They are legal attachments that can make a semi-automatic rifle fire off multiple rounds, similar to a military weapon. On Sunday, he told FOX 4 the proposed legislation is getting support from both sides of the aisle.


  1. This just in:
    Cleaver has never actually proposed ANY legislation that has become law in the US Congress.
    EVERY Democrat is supporting the bump stock bill.
    If Cleaver disappeared for months, no one in DC would notice.
    Having no real representation except for an occasional package of pure pork spending is sad for the people who live in his district.
    Empty talk is cheap and worthless.

  2. Funny how he’s sponsoring a bill a week after the nra asked for the atf to review them, more worthless grandstanding

  3. Horses run out, then lock the gate. Such foresight

  4. Man, that was funny, true and pathetic:

    "If Cleaver disappeared for months, no one in DC would notice."

  5. Cleaver is a true waste of black meat. Absolutely worthless politician.

  6. So Beaver Cleaver found a new coat tail to ride on, eh?

  7. a profile in following.

    cut-and-paste rhetoric.

    he's along for the ride.

    anybody knows what he really does with his time?

  8. damm that guy is worthless

  9. Clever needs to be Bump Stocked head 1st into a wall !!!!!

  10. is sly after his job?

  11. We talk'n my man Eldridge Cleaver???


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