Monday, October 09, 2017

Kansas City Blogging Mass Murder Motives

Take a look at this thoughtful perspective from Kansas City's top ranking faith writer who also seems to be struggling to understand recent carnage from #ASSJAMZ to Las Vegas. Read more:

One insight into men who commit massacres: 10-9-17

In light of the Las Vegas massacre, let's think aloud here a bit about what healthy faith communities can and should provide. Trust me, there's a connection. But let me start with this engaging piece from a site called beyourself....


Anonymous said...

Bill, for years you had commenters who threatened Christians.

Remember the one who talked about eating Christian brains and even asked if a commenter wanted his throat cut?

Vile insults were thrown out by the atheists routinely and you did nothing.

The comments are still there...and don't worry, they have all been saved.

It really made me wonder whose side you were REALLY on.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you allow comments, Mr. Tammeus?

Were you worried that some of the commenters might actually do some of the things they suggested they might do?


Anonymous said...

This guy is a fucking screwball.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Tammeus blog about the genocide of Blacks being carried out by Black Mamas killing their own with the aid of Planned Parenthood?

Cuz that libtard does not care if the blacks wipe themselves out with that Satanic plan.

Its Child Sacrifice to the God of Quality of Life.

Tammeus is a tool.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bill doesn't realize it, but he highlights the reason many of us cannot accept any of the major (So-called 'Christian') Denominations.

They all seem to base their cohesion and existence on the old phrase "We'uns is better than You'uns"! None of them seem to have ever read the Gospel of St. Matthew, where Jesus' admonitions to "Do unto Others...", "Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged", Trust Not He Who Cries Lord, Lord In The Marketplace", and "Get Thee Alone Into Thy Closet To Pray" are to be found!

Those four admonitions are what He gave us to guide our lives and relate to our Creator in a truly "Christian" manner! For centuries the leadership of various Churches have struggled to reconcile their creation of "Superior Enclaves" they call "The Church OF Whatever" in direct conflict with what we were told to do.

They've been very successful, generating a lot of power and influence by removing any need for contemplation or reflection and substituting rote and formulas instead (Just do this, and this, and this, and you'll be saved)! They also developed labels, like Atheist, Heretic, Infidel, and so on to use against anyone who sought something more than their cant and pablum.

No, Bill - Real Men do not need to find a Church Community, they need to find God!