Friday, October 20, 2017

Kansas City 'Big Data' Helps Budget Deficit

The police are begging for more cash and neighborhood streets are just about as horrible as they've been for the past decade . . . However, this newsie item extols the virtues of "smart tech" that pays a great many consultants with connections to local media. Take a look:

How Kansas City uses big data to save big in the city budget

Recently, Kansas City finalized all of its phase one deployments for becoming a smart city which includes: 328 Wi-Fi access points, 178 smart street lights, and a fully developed analytics package. Kansas City chief innovation officer Bob Bennett explained how the city is using big data to improve areas of the city.


Anonymous said...

Actually, KCMO saves big in its budget by not doing much of anything that would positively affect its residents and small businesses.
Don't maintain city-owned buildings like the airport terminal.
Don't maintain or repair streets and sidewalks.
Let the sewer system deteriorate to the point that the EPA needs to mandate improvements.
"Savings" as far as the eye can see.
Tech just allows city hall to keep a better track of their lack of interest in basic city services.
Real progress!

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah... shut up already. Nobody's listening.

Anonymous said...

So now they need Big Data to tell them where crime is? It's been in the same place it's always been for 50 years!

Anonymous said...

Uh huh! KC is saving tax payers billions. That is why they gor all this bullshit they dreamed up to weasel money out of tax payers in and outside of the city.