Monday, October 23, 2017

Kansas City Back To The Monday Grind Links


This image of fashionable female cottage cheese was interesting because it was in plain view at a local mall and it might have been one of the very few MSM realistic image of a woman in her panties in the history of corporate advertising for skivvies.

And so, this much more honest body representation inspires the latest Kansas City link collection as our blog community squeezes the local news cycle for some of the most informative news links. Take a look:

Kansas City Hipster Agenda This Week

Collaboration dinners, Summit Bar and Grill's birthday and more food and drink events October 23-30

Angela Bond Monday, October 23 Krokstrom Klubb and Market (3601 Broadway) is offering more than its typical Scandinavian fare tonight, when it features the work of chefs Abby Calvert (Krokstrom) and Sam Hall (the Rieger) for a night of seasonally inspired Italian offerings.

Hero On The Run

Double-amputee Marine on quest to finish 31 marathons in a month

Kansas City, MO - USMC veteran Rob Jones, 32, is running 26.2 miles in Kansas City on Monday, October 23rd - his 12th city toward his goal of completing 31 marathons, in 31 cities in 31 days. Jones is a double leg amputee - he lost both his legs, above the knees, to an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan in 2010.

Kansas City Bank Robber Busted

Serial Kansas City bank robber pleads guilty to four hold-ups

A 57-year-old man admitted Monday that he robbed four Kansas City area banks - including three during the same month earlier this year. Tam Henry Holmes pleaded guilty in federal court to four counts of bank robbery. The four hold-ups occurred in Kansas City, Independence and Liberty.

Police Cope With Family Drama

KCPD making extra effort to help victims of domestic violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's a sobering trend. More and more people are coming forward saying they are a victim of domestic violence. The Kansas City Police Department is doing what it can to curb the growing number. And the force is getting some help.

Meth Town Sounds Off

Did you hear the booms in Independence? IPD says there is no danger

Did you hear the booms in Independence? The Independence Police Department says everything is OK - and there is no danger to the public. Police said outside agency bomb squads are conducting exercises in Sugar Creek. These are controlled exercises with no danger to the public.

Fading Kansas City Chiefs

Have the Kansas City Chiefs gone soft?

Sigh... It's a good thing the Kansas City Chiefs played on Thursday night this week because had the Chiefs 31-30 loss to the Oakland Raiders happened on Sunday night this Monday blog post may have just been something like: "#%&*!!!! What are they doing?!?!?! How many times can you lose one game?!?!?!?

Celebrating KCMO Cultures

Swedish families settled and stayed for decades on this Volker block

It is common to find families moving in and out of Midtown neighborhood blocks in the early 1900s, but this Volker area with many Swedish immigrants was much more stable. Census records from 1910 to 1940 shows several families that stayed on the block the entire time, while others moved in and stayed for two or three decades.

One last thing . . .

Here's that mall shot just for those who might've missed it and just to document the local, public discourse that's often overlooked . . .

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