Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Kansas City Autumn Crime Outlook

A collection of all the important crime news from today's news cycle as the KCMO murder count remains at 111 and locals hope to curb the 2017 spate of killing, violence and crime. Checkit:

Quadruple Life Sentence For Gunuman Who Killed Dad And Paralyzed Son

Kansas City man gets 4 life sentences in fatal shooting that injured 10-year-old

A Jackson County judge has sentenced Dontae Jefferson to life in prison without parole for his 2014 shooting of a boy and the murder of the boy's father at a gas station. (Jackson County Jail)

More Deets On Today's Midtown Carjacking

Man shot during overnight carjacking

The Kansas City Police Department is searching for a carjacking and shooting suspect after an overnight incident that started near Westport. Police said a man was approached near Washington and 37th Street overnight. A man wearing a black hat approached him just before 3 a.m., shot him in the leg, then took off in the victim's 2016 Chevy Cruze.

Tragic Raytown Latino Family Drama

Grandfather charged for allegedly stabbing 12-year-old grandson in argument over donut

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Prosecutors charged a man in connection with the stabbing of his 12-year-old grandson. Jose D. Ortega, 67, faces first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action charges. A woman said she called 911 Tuesday morning when a boy on her block came outside his Raytown home screaming and bleeding, claiming his grandfather had stabbed him.

Deadly Sleaze Summit Traffic

Woman seriously injured in hit and run in Lee's Summit Wednesday

The Lee's Summit Police Department is asking for help to locate a vehicle and driver involved in an early morning hit-and-run crash that left one person with serious injuries. Police said a woman was walking beside the road in the area of NE Lakewood Way - just south of 40 Highway - between 6:50 a.m.

KCMO Waits On More Cops On The Street

Police department asks city to approve 35 more 911 dispatchers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Police Department wants to expand its force, and on Wednesday, department leaders are speaking before a city committee about the 911 communications unit. Capt. Darrel Bergquist says staffing is a concern. As of October 1, dispatchers have answered more than 900,000 911 calls.

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Anonymous said...

Dontae Jefferson's attorney, Jarrett Johnson, said this guy turned down a plea deal that would have given him at least an opportunity to get out of jail at some point. If you had just been released from jail, killed a "snitch" after seeing him at a gas station shortly after being released, AND paralyzed the snitch's son I can't image that he expected a sympathetic jury. He decided to go to trial and now he has life without parole. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to curb the murder rate? Not me. I wish it were 211. It's mostly blacks killing blacks you know.

Anonymous said...

WTF exactly is 4 life sentences? Isn't that like saying more than 100% of a life? At that point, why are we not using the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we're using the Death Penalty alright!
It's just that we've become so "civilized" that we like to draw the agony out over fifty or sixty years!